March 25, 2012

Christmas in March

For Christmas Denny and I gave Renee and Michel a night in Seattle, 
and Renee and Michel gave us a night in Seattle. 
I guess great minds think alike. 
Along with a weekend in Seattle Renee gave me a shopping spree. 
We took off early on Friday and headed to Seattle.
It was a beautiful day so we went to the waterfront
 to have a drink before checking into our hotel's. 
The guys couldn't figure out how to do the parking meter,
 so the attendant came over and helped them. 
The first night we stayed at different hotel's. 
Renee had gotten us a room at the Crown Plaza.
Corner room on the 28th floor. 
Beautiful room and great view. 
One of the best things about our hotel room was the toilet paper.
It was over the top and folded into a point. 
When I was cleaning houses I would do that in every bathroom. 

We got changed and then went over to Renee and Michel's hotel. 
They had bought an auction item of a night at the Alexis 
with a wine tasting party for 8-10 people. 
It also came with an artist painting a portrait. 
They had really cool bathrobes.

Look at the great wine and nosh and our personal artist John. 
It was Renee, Michel, Denny, myself, Swen, Don & Sonja.
They are friend's of Renee & Michel's that live in Seattle.
After the wine and nosh, we went to dinner at Wild Ginger. 
Almost everyone ordered duck. 
Ya I really didn't eat anything, I drank my dinner. 
I couldn't' believe they didn't have any french fries, LOL 
I did taste a couple of things, and played with the duck stuff. 

Saturday morning we got up and went to breakfast at Lowell's restaurant in Pike Place market. 
This restaurant was in the movie Sleepless in Seattle.
After breakfast we went back to Renee & Michel's hotel for them to check 
out and Renee to change for our shopping trip. 
I think she had a blonde moment when she packed because the 
shoes she brought were 2 different shoes and both the right foot. 
So she had to wear her running shoes until she could buy 
another pair of shoes. 
She gave me $500 in cash and we were on our way... 
Check out my shirt. Renee commented on how bedazzled I was. 
After breakfast when we were walking in the market, this lady (she looked like a tweaker) said to me as she walked by "nice shirt", well that made Renee laugh and the lady
 turned around and started yelling at Renee, "hey lady why did you laugh?" 
Renee and I just kept walking trying to ignore her but 
she just kept saying it until 
we stopped and turned around. I thought she was 
going to beat the crap out of Renee. 
After that I got tons of complements on my shirt and every time 
we would just bust out laughing. 

I had my running water bottle with me and I filled it up with wine before we left.
Off to the stores. 
We hit the rack and got a couple of things, then went to Nordstroms in search of shoes for Renee. 
We found very cute Tom's 
And I wanted a new pair of boots. 
OMG!!! I'm in love. 
I got the black ones and Renee got the grey.
By this time yes all our water (wine) was gone. 
I guess I didn't have the lid all the way closed because the bottom of my purse was all covered in wine. 
We had to go into the bathroom and clean it up.
My checkbook was totally wet. 
After getting new boots we had to go find a new outfit for dinner 
to go with the boots. 

After shopping we got checked into out new hotel. 
I have to give my cousin Julie all the credit for this awesome choice. 
I had asked her if she knew of a good hotel and she came up with the "W"
Great job Julie, it was one of the best hotel's we have ever stayed in.
They have the softest sheets ever.  

We had reservations at 
Sushi Kappo Tamura
I'm not a sushi fan but Renee ordered stuff for her and I to 
eat and the guys were in heaven. 
I did try the sushi, and ya I didn't like it.
Of course we found cocktail's we liked.

After dinner we went back to the hotel for a night cap.
It was early to bed after a hard day of shopping.

Got up Sunday morning Denny and I ordered some coffee and toast. 
Everything the hotel could put a "W" on they did, even the butter. 

After showers we walked down to Pike Place Market
 for breakfast and enjoying the sunshine. 
We couldn't have asked for better weather.
Denny always has to get little mini donuts from this vendor.
It was very strange to see no traffic on the viaduct. 
It was closed for some repair work. 
It was a great weekend. 
Lots of wonderful food, drinks, shopping and great friends.
Christmas is fun anytime of the year. 
Good thing Michel brought the Pacifica.
Thanks Renee and Michel for an awesome weekend.