March 31, 2012

Tincher Iron Chef

We are starting a family Iron Chef night. 
Our first one was at Meghan & Wes's house. 
Craig picked the first main ingredient.
Our first night was with 
Meghan & Wes
Julie & Joel 
Sami & Tino
Teri & Denny 
This is going to be another fun thing that our family does together. 
Chris came up for awhile. 
We got to enjoy the little ones playing and lots of snuggle time with baby Anna. 

The smoke alarm kept going off. 
We must have been really good cooks. LOL

Joel was really cute in Lily's apron. 
He was really working the look. 

Craig had a party foul and couldn't waste the scotch. 
That is just sad!
It was a super fun night, lots of laughing, eating and drinking. 
We taught Craig how to play the game of 99. 
I got lucky and won!
Thanks Meghan and Wes for hosting our first Iron Chef, and Craig for driving 
all the way from Richland for this fun night, 
Check out our Iron Chef Blog for more pictures and the recipes. 

The next one is at our house. 
We don't know the main ingredient or the date yet. 
Stay tuned...