September 29, 2012

Color Run 2012

Another fun run and another thing to check off my bucket list. 
As soon as I saw this run was coming to Portland I was in. 
Yesenia, Heidi, Kimberly & Ashley from with did it with me. 
Heidi and Kimberly had their daughters and some friends do it also. 
The morning started out with Yesenia and I headed to Rainer, OR by 5am. 
We were meeting everyone else at a parking lot in Rainer. 
I totally suck at driving directions. I thought I knew how to get to the            
Longview Bridge but I guess not. LOL
Yesenia and I got lost and everyone had to wait for us 30 mins longer. 
But we made it and then rode with Heidi the rest of the way. 

So the run was 5K. Every mile you would get covered with colored powder. 
We found out that it is corn scratch. 

There were over 15,000 people running & walking. 
They would send us off in waves. 
First one first go... 
We got in the first wave. 
Yesenia and I stayed together, there were so many you could get lost easy. 
If you look close at the picture below you can see the
 paint powder for the first mile. 
We all had handkerchief on because we didn't know if it was 
going to be hard to breathe. 
After the first mile I didn't use mine, 
the paint wasn't that bad. 

I love runs like this because it brings out the crazy in people. 
Yes, more then just me. 

When we got to the finish line there was a stage with a DJ and lots of music. 
About every 15 minutes they would do a color bomb.
It was awesome. 

What fun!!!! 
I will totally be doing this again next year. 
Thanks girls for doing this with me and a special thanks to 
Ashley's Sean for holding all our stuff when we ran.