October 6, 2012

PR'd.... Personal Record...

Leavenworth for Oktoberfest Half Marathon 2012. 
Jania, Julie, Myself & Pam picking up our packets Friday afternoon. 

This was Jania's first 1/2 marathon, Julie's 2nd, Pam's 5th and my 6th. 
Everyone was a little nervous in their own way. 
We were all a little concerned with the smoke from the fires, and how it was going to effect us. 
The Leavenworth/Wenatchee area has had several forest fires burning for several weeks.

In fact, until the week before the run organizers weren't sure if we were going to be able to run. 
They gave people a chance to Opt out if they wanted too. Wes and Meghan took them up on the Opt out due to the fact they would have had the kids with them and Meghan's asthma. 
They changed their spots to the Wenatchee 1/2 in April. 

Denny and I got to stay at Pam & Paul's cabin again this year. 
Julie and Jania stayed at a Bed & Breakfast in Leavenworth.

Pam had these wrist bands made for us. They were for us to look at and think about on each mile.
I loved them, it really helped.

These pictures are ones that my uncle Paul took of the fire near their cabin's.
Although now the cabin's are safe,
They had a tough past 3 weeks.

Saturday morning was a COLD one. 
The run started at 9am and while waiting in line to start it was only 29 degrees outside. 
We stayed kinda warm with our jackets. 

And off we go... 
It was still really cold for the first couple of miles, then I warmed up and was fine.
All of us choked down our energy GU. 
I have never really used this before. 
The fruit flavored ones are my choice. 
I could really feel the difference using them. 

I had planned on doing the 3-1, run 3 minutes then walk 1 min and just keep doing that all the way. 
I did 4-1 for the first 4 miles, then did 3-1. 
I was feeling really good. 

Usually we have costumes that we are all wearing. 
With not knowing it the run was going to happen we didn't do any. 
Even Denny & Paul said it is easier to find us if we are all dressed alike. 
They had a hard time keeping track of all four of us. 
Once again the guys were riding their bikes and making sure each of us were ok. 

When I got to mile 8 there was 2 down and back's, that is down the street 
around the cone and back up the street. Those suck!!!! 
By then I was getting tired and was power walking more then running. 

By this time I thought Julie, Jania and Pam were all done. 
I saw Paul and asked him if they were all done, he said he thought Julie was but didn't think the other two had finished yet. That made me feel a lot better, LOL 



When I got to mile 11 it was really disheartening because you can see the finish line and hear the crowd cheering and there was still 2 more miles to go. 
I came around that corner and saw Pam and yelled "Holy Shit I'm not that far behind you" 
She yells at me "Your going to hit your goal" 


My goal was doing the 1/2 marathon under 3 hours. 
I looked at my watch and thought no way can I do it, but I did think maybe I could hit my personal best. 
All of us said that the worst part of the whole run was the last mile. It was like running in the sand. 
As I got to the end of the 2 miles I finally saw the finish line, I knew I hadn't hit my goal but as I was coming to the finish line I saw the clock and it said 3:05:05 and then I yelled I'm going to hit my PR and I made a mad dash across the finish line. 

My PR "personal record" was 3:06, I got in under that. I was so excited.
 Pam reminded me that the timer clock was for when the race started not when I started. 
When they posted my time I did get my PR 3:03:44.

I went directly over to the grass and took my shoes off, my toes were cramping and had been
 for the last 2 miles. They were cramping so bad they looked deformed. 
I felt pretty good right after the run other then my feet.

After the run we went to lunch. Jania and I weren't doing to well at lunch. 
We both thought we were going to be sick. 
My stomach was not handling all the GU I took during the run.
After getting some bread and 7up in me, I started to feel better. 
Jania ate a big lunch and had a nap and then she felt better. 
Julie and Jania stayed in town and hit Oktoberfest.
Pam, Paul, Denny & I went back to the cabin's and hung out there the rest of the day.

Great job girls!!! We all ROCKED it... 
Thanks again to Denny and Paul for being our support team once more. 
Another great weekend in the books.