October 31, 2012

46 Rocks!!!

What an AWESOME 46th birthday I had. 
Started out with Courtney and I doing our birthday dinner at Red Robin Monday night. 
Denny, Sami, Tino & Brooke were with us for dinner. 
Red Robin..... YUMMMMMMM 

This morning I woke up to several birthday wishes on Facebook already at 5am. 
I missed a called from my sister-in-law and nieces singing me happy birthday, I was in the shower. 
I love that call.... 
And every year at 7:04 am my mom calls me, that is the time I was born. 
I love that call also... 
Then off to work I go... 
My phone kept tweeting all day with great Happy Birthday text's and calls from people. 
I have to say this one below was my favorite to get. 
This is from my cousin Julie, Bennett and Anna.
Love it!!!

I was disappointed because Yesenia (aka-Jessie) had told me that she was
 having eye surgery and wasn't going to be there for my birthday.
 She has never missed one yet. 
Well guess what she LIED... 
I was sitting in my office and heard someone come in saying Trick or Treat. 
I got up and went out to the front and it was Yesenia, Gregorio, Denny and Savannah. 
They had lunch with them. 
For years Gregorio has been telling me he would make me his meat, carne asada.
Yup, they had it ready for us. I got so excited. 
OMG it was so good. 
Thank you so much. 

It is a running joke at the office that because its my birthday everyone has to dress up. 
Karina hates to do it, but for me she does it every year at least long enough for us to get pictures. 
This year by far she did the best costume ... 
She's the ghost. Love it!! 

This was in the Centralia office. 
Karina, Me, Renee, Savannah & Yesenia.

Karina and Savannah.
Can't you see the big smile on Karina's face. LOL 

After lunch I drove to the Longview office to work for a couple of hours. 
Here is what I walked into. 

The video of the girls singing to me is on the blog post below this.
 I couldn't get it on here... gggrrrr

Longview Office
Heidi, Kimberly, Me & Ashley.

I was a good girl and didn't open any cards until today. 
Look how many I got, and most of them came snail mail. 
I also had LOTS of post's on Facebook. I got over 100 post's and more 
people wishing me happy birthday on the photo's I posted. 
I feel very blessed to be loved this much. 

We get lots of Trick or Treater's at our house. 
This is the first year it was just Denny and I answering the door. 
I love seeing all the little kids. 
Here are some of the little cuties. 

When we ran out of candy and turned the lights of and Denny and I just hung out. 
Like out costumes? LOL 

Thank you everyone for the wishes and cards, texts and calls. 
I had an awesome birthday.