February 24, 2013

Richland 1/2 Marathon 2013

Tri-City 1/2 Marathon weekend. 
Denny, Michel, Renee and I took off early Friday headed to Richland. 
We got to see lots of snow at the top of the pass.

 Poor Denny out getting the frozen snow off the wipers. 

Of course I made Renee get out in the snow for a picture. 
She loves it when I make her do stuff like that, NOT! LOL 

Saturday morning, we were all up and ready to run. 
OMG it was cold and windy. 
Renee had asked me before we signed up for the run "is this the one
 run with all the wind?" I told her "NO" 
LOL I guess I forgot that is was. 
I thought she was going to kill me after the run. 

8 am and off we go. 

This is Shannon, she is training to qualify for the Boston marathon. 
She is one of my cousin Julie's friends. 

The guys again would follow us along the run and take pictures,
 Michel would jump in and run with us for awhile. 
Here he comes with Renee. 

Here comes Pam to the finish line. 
This was a personal best run for her. 

Here comes Renee to the finish line. 
Michel ran about a half mile with her at this point. 
He also ran that with me when I was coming in to the finish. 

Emily, Paige and Archer came out to watch us come across the finish line. 
Thanks you guys for all your support. 

My finish.This was a personal best run. 
My last PR was 3:03:06

After all us girls had finished Denny gave us each a pink little box, 
they each had a pair of 13.1 earrings. 
How sweet is that. 
Love him... 

What a great weekend. 
We also got to spend time with my cousins and my Inspired running 
coach Christy and her husband Steve.
Thank you Denny, Paul and Michel for again being out pit-crew and support team. 
We couldn't do this stuff without you guys. 
Love you three. 

Thank you so much Pam and Paul for again letting us stay at your 
house and drink lots of your wine. LOL 
Love you both tons. 

So pretty on the way home.