February 10, 2013

Sports weekend...

After a really crazy Friday at the office
and that's what's for dinner...LOL

I started the weekend with hula hooping for 20 mins
then a 17 mile bike ride.
OMG it was cool.
But it felt good to get out on my bike again.
I checked out Airport Rd, which has been closed for construction,
they are changing the freeway.
It is going to be pretty cool, they are putting in a bike lane
 which will be really nice.

After my ride all fhe girls from the office went to the Kelso for the 
Washington State Troopers vs. Cowlitz 2 Fire & Rescue playing
 for Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.
We helped sponsor the jersey's. 

We made our way about the field. 
Meeting some of the policeman and fire fighters. 

Ashton & Smokey The Bear 
Guns & Hoses Football Kelso -   Final Score: Guns-34, Hoses-13
It was a fun day... 
I love all these girls. 

Sunday morning I got up and Denny and I planned 
out my running route. 
I had to do 18 miles. 
I let it warm up a bit and got some oatmeal in my tummy for energy.
Did 20 mins of hula hooping to loosen up my muscles.
Then out the door we go. 
Denny took me out to Napavine and dropped me 
off 2 mile south of town. 
I ran from 2 mile out of Napavine to Chehalis (10 miles) 
and then ran to Centralia, then part way back to Chehlais. Total 18 miles. 
The first 10 miles I felt pretty good, I only walked once and that was
 half way up a big hill. 
The last 8 miles about killed me, I did run 3 mins and walk 1 min. 
I was so glad to see Denny with the door open for me to get in 
when I hit that 18 miles. 

Denny was so sweet and would meet me at several time along my run to
make sure I was doing OK and filling up my water.
He also saved me from some dogs at one point.
I wouldn't be able to train for this without Denny's support
and all the care he give's me after my runs.
I'm useless after these long runs.
Love you babe