February 2, 2013

AWESOME 10 miles...

I had to do 17 miles today.
My cousin Wes was doing it with me. 
I was really nervous about running with him because he a Sargent in the Army.
I just kept thinking he is going to kill me or make me puke. LOL 
I didn't want him to treat me like one of his solders.
He was trying to make me relax by telling me he 
always runs to the weakest runner. 
Well that's me LOL.

He was right after we started I was very comfortable and relaxed.
He was giving me tips. 
Up until this point I have always ran 3 mins and walked 1. 
He told me to try to not walk but slow down my run for that minute. 
So I was trying that, I was doing pretty well and not walking. 
Even going up some big hills, I never walked at all. 

After awhile I had realized that I had already gone several miles 
without walking or stopping. 
When we were going up one of the big hills Wes's ankle twisted 
and he had to start walking for awhile. 
I kept going and told him I wanted to get to 10 miles. 
I was feeling really good and was so excited when I finally hit the 10 mile 
mark and hadn't stopped or walked the whole time. 
That was the best 10 miles I have ever ran. 
LOVE IT and totally enjoyed it. 

My best 10 miles ever. 

We got to 14 miles, stopped by Wes's house, I used the bathroom 
and went back out to finish my 17 miles. 
Wes stayed home and iced his leg. 
These last couple of miles were rough ones. 
I did go back to run - walk, run -walk.
I screwed up on my app and forgot to start it, 
my app says 16 but my watch says 18,
 (it runs a little fast) so I'm guessing I did 17 ...

Wes thank you so much for going with me and pushing me to not walk. 
It was an AWESOME run. 
Sorry you got hurt. 
Love ya and Thanks again...