September 30, 2013

Do I or Don't I?

For several year I have had hand and wrist problems off and on. 
Almost 20 years ago I had cortisone injections in my wrists which helped 
and also not waiting tables at a restaurant also helped with the pain. 

I would have flair up's every now and then but I could handle it. 
But for some reason after the STP this year my hands were shot. 
I could barely uses my hands for weeks after. 
I would be sitting there with my hands on the table and my fingers 
would just start twitching, tingling, and numbness in both my pinky 
and ring fingers, pain and weakness. 
I've gotten to the point that I can't squeeze tooth paste onto my tooth brush. 

I went to the doctor and she did some hand and reflex tests on me. 
She gave me anti inflammatory's to take and told me 
I have to wear wrist braces on both hands all the time. 
Ya right, like that was going to happen. 
I bought 2 braces and I put them on at night right before bed
 and when I wake up they are both off. 
I also do wear the one on my left hand more than the
 right because the left hand hurts more. 

The doctor also referred me for Carpal Tunnel Electrode testing. 

I had my appointment today. 
The pictures below show the "death machine" 

Oh dear Jesus.... 
That crap hurts. LOL
The doctor was so nice and saying "so sorry" every time 
she shocked me 
as I was screaming in her ear. LOL  
That poor lady.

Well, it turns out I don't have Carpal Tunnel I have Tendonitis. 
Below is the home care I need to do and she is referring
 me to have physical therapy. 

I'm thinking I will have this for a long time, because it is 
impossible for me to not use my hands.
I'm always typing, riding my bike and doing crafts. 
So I guess I just need to buck it up. Thankfully, I do not need surgery!!

All I know if I NEVER want to do that testing again. 
I know, call me a wuss but I don't care!