October 3, 2013

Father's Day weekend...

June 15 & 16

What a fun weekend. 
Saturday Wes and I meet at a park & ride so we could load up his bike 
on my car and ride together to the park in Tenino where the bike trail starts. 
Wes was getting all his stuff from his truck into BBB when I saw him do this. 
He shut the drivers side door and went around to the other side, 
I remember thinking "I sure hope he has his keys in his hands"
Well guess what LOLOL 
He didn't.... :) 

That's right I had to put my insurance girl pants on and 
call a locksmith for him. 
(And because I made sure when I wrote their policy's 
that they had towing and road side assistance, he didn't have to pay for his 
"moron moment". LOL 
Oh ya, I was not letting this go without lots of pictures. 


Sorry Wes but you will never live that one down. 
So funny. 
Totally worth the 45 mins wait. 

We finally got to the trail and on our ride. 
But not before Wes had an issue with his tires. 

Finally on the road. 
This was my first trail ride with my new bike LBB.

We came across this at a horse training field. 
This still shocks me that people get all 
dressed up like this and fight. 
It was fun to watch for awhile.

This part of the trail is my favorite place.  

There were no more issues and we got a great ride in. 
Thanks for the entertainment Wes. 
Love you! LOL

Father's Day morning we drove to Kent to the  
Carriage Square Sports Bar & Grill to watch our boys play pool, 
they are in the semi finals.. 
Go Christopher Wiley and Tino Carrido

  My baby Christopher WON!! 
This is the winning shot. Nice job big guy!!

Congratulations Team Hustlin!

       Chris and my soon to 
       be son-in-law Tino for 
           winning their pool tournament over the weekend. 
             Their team won a trip to Vegas in August. 
            Great job guys, so proud of you all. 

What a fun weekend. 
Happy Father's Day babe. 
Thanks for being our kids dad. 
Love you!!!!!