January 1, 2014

Corwin-Rey Office Party 2013

December 13 
All of us girls look forward to this evening each year. 
It is always a magical night.
The night started out with Renee treated us to a massage party. 
She had a beautiful spread all laid out for us. 
Champagne, snacks, spa treatments & gifts. 
It doesn't get any better than that. 

We all got to pick a spa treatment that we wanted to get. 

I did the lavender foot soak. 

WOW Yesenia got to enjoy each one of the treatments. 
Good job Yesenia. LOL 
(Centralia office did get there a little before Longview.)

Kimberly was employee of the year for 2012. 
In a few minutes she has to turn her crown and rings
 over to the employee of the year 2013. 

Present time. 
I always get each of the girls a little something. 
This year they were too hard to wrap so I made all of them close their eyes. 
I think they liked them. 
They got either a snowman or Santa.

Now was time for Renee to give us the presents she got us. 
She got each office this sign. 

Each of us got new sweat shirts, lotions, lip gloss,a pink fitbit watch,
 blue scarfs, ear rings, and signs that say "It is what it is" 

I missed the sweat shirt in this picture. 

Renee still has a couple more surprises for us that she 
ordered but they didn't get here in time. 
Can't wait to see what those gifts are. 

Then it was time for Renee to open the presents from us. 
She loves snowmen so each of us got her some kind of snowman. 
She got lots of cute stuff. 

But her big present from us is a ?


It' a 2 hour party. 
Includes class for 6 to 20 women, 2 instructors, 7 industrial dancing poles. 
We are allowed to bring snacks and drinks of our choice. 
I wonder what that will be. LOL 
We are then having a slumber party at my house. 
Movies, snacks, cocktails and hot tub. 
That is going to be an awesome night. 

I'm a lucky girl. The girl's always get me something every year. 
Not really sure what Renee was doing here,
 but she looks really funny the way she is standing. LOL 

They got me a 90 min. facial and these signs. 
Love the saying and it is so true. 
There are 2 of them so I can have one in each office. 

They were also trying to make up for last year which they got me this. 
It says "I did it all myself" 
That part I don't mind it's the PICTURE!!! they put in it. 
And they made me leave it in the office for the whole year. 
I was pissed!! LOL 

So this year I got 3 framed pictures of Renee and I with Rascal Flatts.
One for each office and one for me at home. 

OK they are forgiven. 

Now it's time for Kimberly to take her final walk as 
Employee of the Year 2012. 

Employee of the year is always a HARD choice for Renee and I to make. 
Every one of the girls deserved to be Employee of the year but there can only be one. 

Corwin-Rey Employee of the Year 2013 is 
She didn't believe she got picked. 
She did!

Everyone is so proud of you Karina. 

A couple days later Denny went over to the office and took
 my sign down and put Karina's sign up. 
That spot is the best parking spot, she gets it for a whole year. 

After all this fun we went to Renee's house for my favorite dinner. 
All the husbands that could join us were there. 
Pete and Janet joined us as well. 

Dinner was Raclette. (it is a Swiss dinner) 

The whole dinner is only, melted cheese, potatoes and anything pickled. 
You can only drink either mint tea or white wine.
 If you drink anything else it will give you a bad tummy ache. 
The cheese hardens in your stomach and you will regret it. LOL 
It was funny, I think I was the first one eating and Renee had to finally turn the 
burner off because I just kept eating. Melissa said she kept looking at me and thinking 
"my god where is she putting all that." 
OMG it's so good. LOL

After they finally got me to stop eating we did our white elephant gift exchange. 

Pete got fireball. LOL 

We introduced Pete and Janet to Petey's girlfriend Janet. LOL 
Also look close at Pete' fireball bottle. It's half gone. 

Renee had another surprise for us. 
Jan 4 & 5 is a Corwin-Rey agency trip to Portland. 
We just know that we will be gone from 9 am Saturday until about 5:30 Sunday afternoon. 
We are to bring our new sweat shirts, ear ring, our blue scarfs and something
 to wear to dinner and maybe doing some dancing. 
Super excited about that weekend.

Also can't wait until March 15th when we are doing our Pole Dancing party. 

Renee, THANK YOU so much for everything you do for us and with us. 
We are all proud to be a Corwin-Rey girl. 
I know none of us will ever leave you.