January 4, 2014

Forced to shop for other's....

January 4, 2014

As part of our Christmas present from Renee, we got a weekend in Portland having fun and shopping. 
I love the fact that my car is big enough for all of us girls to ride together. 
We took off Saturday morning. 
When we got to Portland we got some group pictures taken. 
I totally love these girls. 

After the pictures we had lunch and then it was time to shop. 
This was shopping with a twist. 
Renee gave each of us a $100 bill and we had to draw a name. 
This meant we have to spend the $100 on the person's name we picked. 
We paired up and took off to shop. 

I got to shop with Melissa, and we had Jessie and Karina's name. 
I loved it because I knew exactly what they would want.

Along with shopping for other people we have to get our sale cashier to write Renee a note. 
We also had to take a picture with a hot guy and Renee would decide who got a picture of the hottest guy. 

It's amazing how much luggage we can get into my car. 
Sometimes we need help

What an awesome weekend. 
Love all you girls. 
Thanks Renee for again thinking out of the box and giving us girls a wonderful time. 
Love you!!!