September 1, 2010

First Offical Ride

  McCliinchy Mile Ride, Arlington WA. 70 miles.

This was our first organized ride. If I remember right it was only 37 degrees when we started. There were a couple of hundred riders. Everyone takes off when they want to so not too many ppl around us.
It was a nice ride but the last 5 miles was totally in the wind. We were riding so hard and so slow, we had to keep our heads down and just stare at our odometer going about 5 miles an hour.
Good thing there was a Mexican restaurant close by. So we stopped and called Denny to come and get us.

Gotta love my hubby...

     Went to Richland again and got a 20 miler in with Pam and Craig. Pam and I got so excited because we saw a buffalo, well we thought it was a buffalo... Craig said it was a hairy cow. We think he is wrong.
     After going to Boise for Samantha & Eric's baby shower. Paul, Pam and I conquered Weber Canyon. It is 6 miles up hill. I was so proud of myself I didn't freak out and only stopped once.

I did do a couple of short rides and worked out at least 4 times a week.
 Our whole office did either a 5K -10K or 1/2 Marathon run in Longview WA (I did the 10K).

        I can't remember when we did this but I do know it was the winter time of 2010. We went camping and I took my trainer with me so I could ride. Ruth decided she wanted to try it. Yes,she had been drinking and thought she needed her wine to get a good ride in.