October 30, 2011

2nd Annual Seaside Weekend...

Bosses weekend 2011.
Us girls rented the same condo that we did last year at Seaside Or.
to take Renee  for the weekend.
Again we had a wonderful time.
We left early Friday from the office , Karina, Renee, and I
took off for Longview to get Heidi and Kim.
(Jessie came down Saturday morning).
Yes I was in charge of driving.
We had our great signs with us again.
Heidi got the keys to the condo.
As normal we had more then enough stuff to carry up 3 flights of stairs.
"Go Girl Power"
Yes OMG... Kim had to bring her duck.. LOL

Our home away from home for the weekend.
Renee brought a really big and cool bottle of vodka.
We also had tons of champagne.
And the Crown for Renee to wear all weekend.
Renee got each of us matching pj's.
Loved them.
Had a great time eating pizza, drinking and playing games.
Karina had never had a s'more, so Heidi made some in the oven.
We had to have a Matthew night.
Night Renee. LOL

Saturday morning, the breakfast of champions.
Coffee and Mimosa's.
Kim made us a great breakfast.
We had to get ready for Jessie to get there and give her a surprise baby shower.
She is due on Nov 10. with baby Savannah.
We can't wait to meet her.

Off for a walk on the beach.
We had people asking us if we were in a gang, or the military or just strange. LOL
It was a beautiful morning.

I found Big Foot's print.
The outside of our condo.

Back to shower, wash our Pj's and get ready for Jessie to get there.

Here's Jessie and Savannah.
Jessie's husband and brother drove her to Seaside,
so she could spend the day with us.
Thanks guys.
I think she was supirsed.

She got her pj's so she can wear them in the hospital.
Kim and Heidi made her a matching blanket for the baby,
and super cute head bands.
We also got her a carseat.

Then is was Renee's turn to get her present.
We got her another photo album of everything we have done over the past year.
Of course we never have enough food.
Time for  another walk on the beach.
I did a sand angel.
Jessie got water in her boots and couldn't get them off,
so Karina & Kim helped her.
Karina with sand all over her butt, telling us all to
"kiss her brown ass"
big joke from last year.
All of our shaddows.
The next pictures are blurry but Renee couldn't get her boots off so
Heidi and Kim helped her out.
Glad I didn't need help. LOL
Everyone watched a movie while
Karina and I made dinner.
She made homemade tamales,
and Denny had made his awesome chicken enchilada's.
(OMG they were good)
After dinner before Jessie had to go home
she wanted one of my famous
 "chocolate chip orgasm".

The rest of the night we just watched movies and drank.
We watched the movie"Grease"
Kim and Renee really got into it as you can see by the video's.

Sunday we got up and Karina and I made breakfast.
We all showered, cleaned up the condo  and out the door home we went.

It was a great weekend.
I just can't say enough about the girls I work with and the boss I have.
I'm totally lucky to enjoy going to work each day.
Love you all and thanks for another awesome weekend.