October 8, 2011

Iron Chef- Apples

Another great night filled with great food and great company.

Tonight's Iron Chef was at Toni and Steve's house.
They picked
It was a great main ingredient. 
Each couple brings 2 of thier course and a cocktail.
All including the main ingredient.

Renee & Michel
I try everything..
Not that I like it. LOL

Kristen & Jeff
Soup & Salad.

Toni & Steve
Main Course.

Denny & I
I suck. I didn't get a picture of Denny's drink.
Sorry babe.

Pascal had a fun time spraying whipping cream into my mouth.

This is a great group of people to do this with.
Toni, Steve, Renee, Michel, Me, Denny, Kristen & Jeff

Next Iron Chef is at our house New Years Eve.
Main ingredient is
Can't wait.