October 18, 2011

Weekend in the Woods

Sums up the whole weekend.

Denny and I took off at noon on Thursday from
work and headed to
"The Scott Highland's"
Which is my Uncle Paul and Aunt Pam's
cabins in the woods,
 just outside of Leavenworth Wa.

My uncle,whom  I have now renamed 
"Paul Bunyan".
Don't they look alike LOL.

He built two beautiful cabins nearly by himself,
and one oh too cute out-house LOL.
And when I say he built them,
he cut down and placed each tree.

Cabin 1
(Paul & Pam's)
This cabin has indoor plumbing.
They did let us take showers in their cabin.
Cabin 2
This is the one Denny and I stayed in.
which is used for cabin #2.
You open that door from the loft and walk down a path,
(which at night is lit-up).
 I thought something was going to get me every time I went to the
 bathroom in the middle of the night.
There is a path between both cabins.
They have a great fire pit with lots of log seating.
And one STEEP driveway. When we got there I had the window rolled down on the
 truck and Pam & Paul heard me screaming all the way up it.
Just the most beautiful view ever. 

They took us on a great hike.
But in order for me to go on the hike, I had to wear my cousin Craig's hiking boots.
I only brought flip-flops and my running shoes.
Good thing he has little girly feet,
(or I might have big feet) LOL.

Of course Denny had to skip some rocks.
In the winter they have to snow ski or snow shoe in about 2 miles from the road.
They stock up for the winter.
 As you can see they have their priorities.

They also cook on the wood stove most of the time.
There is only one problem with this cabin.
The TP.
We fought all weekend about which way the roll should be.

They are in the process of starting a 3rd cabin.
This will be their main cabin.
A guy with an excavator came out and cleared some more land for them.
OMG, Paul is like a kid in a candy store when it comes to this place.
He heard the guy coming up the driveway and out the door he went like a shot.
I mean so fast the first time he didn't even have a coat on.
Denny was just as excited to see the big equipment.
It must be a guy thing.
Look Craig, I'm getting your boots all dirty. LOL
After all that excitement, we all went into Leavenworth to
 get our registration packets for our run the next morning.
It was open from 6 -9 pm.
So we had some time to kill and we did it wine tasting. LOL

These are wine stoppers.
And the great shirts that Pam and I got.
We thought they fit us each perfectly.
Guess who's is who's....
"And I'm not a grandma yet"
Off to registration.
I guess I had gotten so excited before hand that I registered twice.
Yes I'm getting my money back for one of them.

Saturday morning.
We had some great costumes to put on.
 Pam, myself and my cousin Emily and her friend Carolyn all running the 1/2 marathon.
(Carolyn just had a baby 5 months ago).
 She ROCKS!!
OMG... We loved wearing them.

Our "Jean Team" logo's.
We started at the fish hatchery.
It was about 44 degrees when we started.

Pam and I decided to stay together and run.
Emily and Carolyn ran together for awhile.
Pam and I  
 ran 5 mins - walk a min,
 run 5,walk 1.
So funny to see all the pink hair.
Denny, Paul & Emily's dad all 
 rode their bikes so they could get pictures of us
and make sure we were all doing fine.
We gotta love our pit crew.
They are always there for us.
(Yea I suck, I didn't get pictures of them.)
The way we were running was working pretty good for awhile.
Pam of course runs faster then I do, so she would time us and run her pace,
then wait for me to get caught up to her.
So by the time I got to her she was ready to run again and I wasn't LOL.
I kept telling her to just go ahead and she said "no we are going in together".
I thought that was really sweet, 
this was her first 1/2 marathon and she was so excited to be doing it. 
She had to drop out of the capital city we did in Olympia, when she got hurt. 
We all kept getting comments on how people loved out outfits.
Pam had this little girl in a car yell to her
"Hi Princess Lady"
Too cute.
We could always tell where the other one was. LOL
About mile 7,
any happiness I had in me for some reason was going out of me and into Pam.
 I turned into a bitch and she turned into
"Tinker Bell"
It was like a happy bug crawled up her ass.

My body was really hurting and I would get caught up with her and say
"go head" and she would say "no, we can do this"
 with a big smile on her face just cheering me on.
She also started thanking the people directing traffic,
and thanking people in cars for their patience. 
She started driving me nuts. 
 There was a girl on a bike with a dog in a back pack going by me telling me how she like my outfit.  As she was talking to me her handle bars hit a big road sign on the side of the road. Wow, I thought she was going down, but she got her bike back under control after going between two cars and almost going down. The sign went flying.
Paul was clear ahead of me and heard her hit the sign.
Glad she was OK.
We went down this out and back and this girl runs by us on the other side and yells
"Mrs. Scott".
Pam taught this girl in first and second grade.
Carolyn said her body was giving out on her also.

Emily was the first to cross the finish line.
She kicked butt!!

Then Carolyn finished.
Great job girl.
Can't believe you just had a baby.

Carolyn 's husband and friend did the half also.
Great job guys.
Baby Lucy.
Then Pam and I finished.
Me #1798 3:14:45
Pam #1546 3:14:46
Look I beat Pam... LOL
By this time I was done.
Pam grabs my hand and says
"run Teri run"
I said
I'm so proud of my aunt.
She is 62 and kicks ass.
She could have ran this way faster but she stayed with me.
Now she can check this one off her bucket list. 
The next run her and her happy bug are on their own.
Love you Pam.
It was nice that a lot of Emily's family was there at the finish line.
Her mom, dad, brother, her brother's friend, and
Emily's daughter Paige.
(Ryan, Emily's husband had to work)
Think I was done?
Another group that dressed alike.
There was a costume contest but it was at 11:30 and we were still on the course.
We should have won!!!
Paige hiding under Emily's tutu.
Our metals were really heavy and they are also a beer opener.
Too funny.
Our shirt are great too. 

After this Emily's dad shuttled us all to the
Sleeping Lady Resort for lunch.
I had to have a 7-up and sit down for awhile, I had a really queasy stomach.
After that I was able to eat and have a beer.

They have a beautiful organic garden.
Can't believe how pretty everything was.
I love this time of year.
After this Pam, Paul, Denny and I went to a VIP tasting
at a local winery that Pam & Paul were invited too.
There was a problem at first. Somehow,
Pam got her foot hooked around her bag and couldn't get it out.
Paul even had a hard time.
We almost had to leave her in the truck.
Aww, that would have been a bummer.
Yes Tinker Bell was getting worse.

Napeequa Vintners.
They had a fire pit outside so we went out there.
There were two couples already out there.
They loved our outfits, and it got the conversation started about the 1/2 marathon we just did.
One of the couples was like Mr. & Mrs. Athlete.
She had him do a marathon and a triathlon before they even got married.
 LOL That was fun!!!

This is the bridge you cross before their property.
So pretty.

Here is some pictures I took as we went up their driveway.
Not fun!
The rest of the day, we played cards and taught them how to play domino's.
And Tinker Bell got worse.
What a potty mouth she had.
It was like she turned into me and I turned into her.
I thought Paul was going to kill her.
She got the look from him that I have seen from alot of people when I go too far. LOLOL
(No pictures of that)

Sunday morning was gorgeous.

Mike the  excavator came to smooth out the driveway.
Again the guys were so excited.
Pam trying to help out.
He also cleared out a spot to park a car at the bottom.
And got them some great pieces of rock.
It was my idea to have him put some trees over the rock so no one would steal them.
Sometimes I'm so smart.
(Yes,we marked it on the calendar)
It is amazing how he could make that machine do what he wanted.

Driveway is now way better, still steep but not bumpy.

We packed everything up and said good bye to the cabins.
Went into Leavenworth for lunch before heading home.

Loved some of the shirts and signs we saw.

The guys had to have brats & sauerkraut.
The beer was good.

Time to say good bye for now.
We rocked our shirts.

We had a great drive home.

This was one of the best weekends.
I can't say "Thank you" enough to
Pam and Paul for letting us stay with them this weekend.
You guys are both amazing for many different reasons.
Thanks again for an awesome time.
Love you both.
T & Denny