April 7, 2012

Out of hibernation...

Holy crap... 
I found out today I have let myself go over the winter. 
It was a beautiful day. 
Renee and I got the bikes out and took off for the Tenino trail to do a 30 to 40 miler. 
I had told her I thought she might bring her boys,
 and that I was glad she didn't because they would just slow us down and we
 wouldn't be able to do as many miles as we wanted to. 
We started out and by the time we got to the cut-off 
post to go to either Yelm or Lacey, 
which is only  a little over 4 miles into the ride, holy crap I thought I was going to die. LOL 
Renee has been really working out all winter but not really me. 
This is the time I was wishing Renee's boys were with us.
I told her I think I was in hibernation. 
Well it is time to get my ass up and get going again. 
I've been doing stuff but not really pushing myself.
 Now is the time. 

Renee has always ridden faster then me, 
she has always been a runner and has those runners legs. 
Not me... 
Once I got warmed up I felt a little better. 
I was already thinking if I'm having a hard time today with Renee, 
Wes is going to kill me. 
Wes is my cousin Meghan's husband, who is the one in the Army. 
I asked him to do the STP this year with me, and he said yes. 
Now I'm thinking what the hell did I get myself into asking him to do it with me. 
Well of course I kept going, I told Renee to just go as far as she
 wanted to and turn around and I would be there somewhere. 
I got to 15 miles and she called and let me know that she was turning around. 
So I watched for her. 
When she got to me do you think she stopped? 
Oh NO, she smiles and said "here I am" and rode right by me.
I laughed and turned around. 
I just got to the point where I just rode, I stopped trying to get up with her. 
It was so beautiful. 
I just enjoyed the rest of the ride. 

I love it when you get to the last couple of miles, it feels good to know
 you are almost to the end.   
After I got to the car, Renee was waiting for me. 
At that point I had 32 miles. 
I was surprised I thought she had gotten way more miles in then I did,
 but she only got almost 3 more than me. 
I felt a little better about that. 
When I was done my legs were really sore, but my butt felt fine. 
That is the part that will get Wes, 
the sore butt from being on a bike for hours.

So now I'm taking the blankets off and getting my ass in gear. 
I don't want to have 
Wes saying
 "my mama can ride faster than that".
Sorry Wes you have no idea what you've gotten yourself into. 
I hope you know how to change a flat tire, because I don't. 
I'm ready for anything now. 
Bring it on!!! 
FYI.. I must still be keeping my body in OK
 shape because I didn't get 
"bike brain" 
I miss those days.