October 27, 2012

Worth the pain...

I still needed to finish my tattoo. 
This is a family tattoo. 
Chris, Sami & I all have it now. 
It is each one of our initial's and 4 life,

I needed some more color added and also the "4 life" added. 
Here is what I got done the first time. 

This is my kid's tatto's. 


Wes got my design out and started playing with it to figure out how and 
where to add what I needed. 
With mine and Meghan's help here is what he came up with. 
Watching Wes get the stuff ready was freaking me out, 
I tried not to let him know I was freaking out. 
I did take a happy pill to help calm me down. 

I knew from the start that I just had to tough it out because 
I never want to do it again. LOL 
I hurts like a bitch. 
I got my headphones on and cranked up my music, and off we went. 
The more is hurt the louder my music would get. 

Taking a break for a couple of minutes. 
As you can see he's got the leaves on and the 4 life with a banner. 
Still have to finish the coloring on them and also go over the flowers again with color. 

I was doing pretty well until he go to working on coloring in the flowers. 
When he got to the yellow flower, Wes stoped and said
 "OK I'm going to work on Grandma's flower" 
I knew I had to be tough for that one. I had to sit up straight so he could work on it, 
I had my arms and legs wrapped around the chair and pushing in on themselves. 
Like I was using a thigh master LOL 
My grandma's favorite flower was a yellow rose, and mine is the red & black rose. 
If you look they are side by side. 

He finally got done.
This time it only took 3 hrs. 
I totally love it. 

It is alot bigger then I had started out to get but I totally love it. 
Thanks Wes for all the hard work you put into this. 
Also thanks for Meghan and Denny for taking the pictures and putting 
up with Wes and I doing this. 
Love you all. 
This is the next day. 

It is funny to see what ppl said about my tat. 
I posted a photo yesterday and got all this so far. 

The finished product... Love it!!!! Thanks Wes.. Totally worth the pain... — with Wesley Davis.