January 1, 2013

December marathon training...

WOW this training was pretty intense for December. 
With the Chi running schedule it has me doing some 
short 40-50 mins runs a couple of times a week, then a long run on the weekend. 
We spent the end of the month in Kansas where it was colder then hell.. LOL 
I did several runs in under 20 degree weather, and at least 1 run it was only 9 degrees. 
My nieces Reagan and Jenna came out with me a couple of times. 

Reagan & I

Jenna, Reagan & I 

It was so cold we had to go buy ski masks. 
We looked like we were going to rob the neighborhood. 

 I PR'd (personal record), 
best 5 miles ever... 
11:58 ave..
 Helps running with a middle school PE teacher.. 
Thanks Meghan...

My last run in Kansas was a 12 miler. It was a tough one.
 I got sick with a really bad cold after that. 
But for the whole month I ran a total of 93.5 miles. 
Holy crap that is a lot.
I never would have thought I would ever be running that much,
or even running at all. LOL