March 17, 2013

Lots of company...

 Today I did my longest run ever... 
22 flipping miles. 
I started at my house and ran to Jessie's house,
 then Karina's house, back to Jessie's, then back to mine. 

My sister Kim meet me on the first part of my run and she 
did a total of about 6 miles. 
She did a great job. 
She just started running.
Good job Kim, proud of you.. 
Next time don't forget a ponytail holder.

The weather was great the first part of my run. 
I got to Jessie's and filled up with water and took off to Karina's. 
Karina's was my half way point. After I turned around the clouds 
came in and the rain started. 
Wow,did I get wet. 
After I got back to Jessie's the sun came out and I got all dry again. 

I love that Denny and I have the "find my Iphone" app so he can 
tell where I'm at all the time. 
I love looking up and seeing his truck there checking on me and he 
always has water and extra stuff for me. 
Thanks babe. 

After I left Jessie the second time her and Karina drove to run with me. 
They parked one of their cars in Chehalis and one in Centralia and started 
running with me on Airport Rd.
Karina did about 3 miles and Jessie about 3.5. 

We were about 3 miles from my house and the rain started again. 
The wind and rain were horrible. 
Jessie was going backwards for while, because of the wind. LOL 
She's like "Teri we need to find shelter" 
OMG what a weenie.. 

After my run Jessie and Karina came over for beer and going in the hot tub. 
I felt great after the 22 miles. 
 I love my new running pants, they really helped my legs. 
Also got my new shoes all broken in now.
If 22 miles doesn't do it I don't know what would.  
Love these pants..
I know I will have no problem with the full marathon.
Bring on 26.2 miles.