March 3, 2013

20 miler - Jean Team logo

I wanted to share the new
New Jean Team Logo!
Pam has gotten sweatshirts with our names on them for each person in the
family that has done at least 2 or more events with other family members.
Here's mine.
She also made ones for Denny and Paul. 
Paul didn't want one with the Jean's logo so he picked out one for he and Denny. 
He is the one that called them "Grunts" rather then our "pit crew" LOL 
Love it... 


Holy Crap I ran 20 miles. 
I ran from my house to Yesenia's house to get her so she
could run a couple of miles with me. 
We ran to and through Borst Park.
Yesenia did great, she did 4.25 miles with me.
That is her longest run this year.
Great job!!!
Thanks for going with me.

What a beautiful day for a run.  
My first 14 miles were average 12:56...

I should have only ran 19 miles today, but Friday 
Pam ran her's and did 20 miles. 
Ya that's right I couldn't let her be the only one to 
be able to say "I just ran 20 miles" 
Love you Pam. 
I ate really well this last week and this morning and used
 the Honey Sting gel. 
I felt GREAT... 
I had yogurt with granola, 1 piece of whole wheat toast with 
cinnamon &sugar LOL and a spoonfull of peanut butter. 
Then I did the honey gel every hour. Seemed to work today...
I got a new pair of shoes and finally got some long miles in on them.
They say that you should only run about 400 mile in one pair of shoes.
Well I got way more then 400 on my old ones.
(New shoes)

I think I went a little to far. When I got to about mile 14 my feet started to hurt.
At mile 16 I had to have Chris bring me my old shoes.
I think it slowed me down. My feet were hurting.

They felt better with my old shoes.
I will just have to keep wearing in the new ones.

(Old shoes)

Not sure how I have done this but I have yet to get any blisters or lose any toe nails. 
This is the way to finish a long run. 
In the hot tub. 

I can't believe that I can say 
"I ran 20 miles"
WOW Never in a million year's did I ever think I would be saying that. 
Average overall 13:32....
 Kinda proud of myself...