February 8, 2014

#CorwinRey Olympics

February 8, 2014

We did the Office Olympics for the summer Olympics in 2012.
Our fans voted for us to do Synchronized Swimming.
We rocked it!!
Check out our video.

For this winter Olympics 2014 the choices for fans to vote on are-

Here is a series of videos. 

And the vote is in.... 
it's Figure Staking. 

So we took off one Sunday morning and went down to the 
Lloyd Center in Portland to the ice skating rink. 

People thought we really knew what we were doing 
because we were all dressed alike. 

#CorwinRey team after our office Olympics. 
Well, part of us. 
The restaurant gave us crowns for having participated in the Olympics! 
What a day, it was NOT all good.

Renee is a tough cookie but this one took her down. 
Hopefully she won't be down too long. 
Get better soon Renee...