June 5, 2011

Mayfield Lake Ride

It's time to get focused on our quest to ride the STP 2011.
We are going to ride day 2 in 2 days.
So we will ride from Centralia to Longview Saturday,  Denny will pick us and on Sunday he will drop us off where we stopped. We will then ride across the finish line in Portland.
I haven't had time to get the girls ready to be able to ride the Seattle
portion with all the bikers,
So I thought this was the safest way to do it for all.
 This morning we were up and on the road early.
It was Violet, Brooke, Courtney and I
Thank you to Ruth, she reminded me that one of my proudest rides was my solo ride from
 Chehalis to Morton.
I thought the girls would get a kick out of being able to say they rode their bikes to Morton.
There were a couple of pretty good size hills,
They all did a great job on them.
  We stopped and took a little break after the first hill.
When we went to start again the girls put their helmets back on and Violet said
"there is something hard in my helmet".
She took it off and her sun glasses were still on the top of her head, yes, under the helmet.
It was so funny.
I do have to say sometimes our rides are not only enjoyable and healthy but educational.
Today was a short class in sex ed.
We went by a farmhouse and in the driveway were two dogs.
The girls asked
"why are the stuck together like that".
Ya, so I had to explain that one LOL.

The girls were a little worried about going across the Mayfield Lake Bridge 
As we got closer I told them to ride as far to the right as they could and when we get to the bridge ride across it as fast as they could.
Before the bridge Courtney had said she thought there was something wrong with her bike. 
It sounded like the break was rubbing a little bit.
I told her not to worry about it we would check it later. 
Well that worked out well for us LOL.
It sounded like a gun went off.
And yes, our first official FLAT TIRE right in the middle of the bridge.

So Courtney and I had to walk across it.
Brooke and Violet were way ahead of us.
They got to the other side and called me.
They thought Courtney was freaking out and couldn't ride it,
Nope we were just walking it.
When cars and trucks came by us we would stop and hang onto the side so
we didn't fall into traffic and get hit,
Ya that wasn't fun.

We got to the other side and Brooke and Violet were waiting.
You would think they got out of the way of traffic.
OH NO, they are still along the side of the highway and
Yea, I yelled at them.
We walked up to a spot where we were out of the way and waited
 for our man in shining armor.
3 sad girls that  didn't get to finish thier ride.

Denny to the rescue.
He brought us a new tube for the tire. 
The girls opted out of changing the tire and riding on.
3 Happy Campers sitting in a truck.
OMG... did the "bike brain" hit them on the way home.
Even with the flat tire and walking it was a great ride and the girls all did a wonderful job.
So proud of them
Denny and I took all the bikes to the bike shop for a check up on all of them.
Come to find out the one of the girl's bikes didn't have any back breaks and not very good ones in the front.
That would not have been good if they wouldn't have been able to stop.
Well, at least they will be ready and safe for our next ride.