June 12, 2011

Winlock here we come..

Brooke and I rode alone today.
Courtney had a softball tournament.
I wanted to get at least a 35 mile ride in today.
We coudn't have asked for better weather.
Taking on the Napavine hill again.
I still get a kick out of remembering when I was doing the STP last year
and going up steep hills with my Uncle Paul behind me saying
"I didn't know a person could ride this slow".
This first part of our ride today, is actually part of
the STP which we will be riding on July 9th.
If you look towards the bottom of this picture there is a bald ealge.
What a beautiful sight.
We got to Winlock and I really wasn't sure which way to go.
I hate being the one in charge.
I knew that if we turned and kept riding we would at some point find Jackson Hwy.
Luckily the way we went was correct.
By this time we were a little over 15 miles into our ride.
When I remember, I wear whistle around my neck for dogs that may run out after us.
This is one that didn't, but I did have to use it earlier today.
When we got to this point we needed a short break and something to eat.
So we stopped at the Shell station and split a burger.
Off we go again.
We were needing to be done by 12:30 so we could go to Courtney's softball game.
We were totally on track to be there on time.
Hey, what do you know I didn't get us lost.
We saw lots of great signs today,
one I don't think they knew someone had changed their wording.
We came upon a SUV along the side of the road.There was a lady behind it and a guy across the street taking a picture of her.
I asked him if he wanted a picture of the two of them.
She said they had to give the car back today.
I was thinking they were getting the car reposessed LOL ,
But then she said they were on a "roading trip", they were from Ireland.
We loved the accents.
Right after this we saw a lizard (Gecko)
So yes I was talking funny for awhile.
We saw this box of cushion and thought we might add more padding to our butt-pants. 
(no we didn't)
We do love the way our butts look with all that padding.
This was the best sign we saw all day.
It is in front of Denny and my Uncle Jim's business.
Got a total of 38.25 miles in today. 
It was a great ride and workout. 
Brooke and I pushed each other to do it as fast as we could.
Yes we know we are hot!!!
Now off to the ball field to watch Courtney.
Thanks for the great ride today Brooke and great job.
Love ya, Aunt T.