June 21, 2011

What an awesome way to say I love you -

Mike is my brother-in-law
He is a Middle School Principal in Kansas
Here was one of my assignments today...

Think of three people—living or dead—who you consider as leaders. The first person is someone who is well-known for his or her leadership effectiveness. The second is someone who has been a leader to you on a professional basis and the third is a person who has been a leader to you personally. Write their names and then list several personal characteristics you believe are responsible for their effectiveness as a leader.

Below is my answer. Love you...

A leader that I am currently reading more about is John Wooden. The traits that I admire most in Coach Wooden are his Integrity, Honesty, Spirituality, Relationship Building and skills as a Teacher. John Wooden taught all he came in contact with what it meant to be a man of integrity. He walked what he talked and his successes in coaching will likely never be matched. The thing I see in reading about him is the feel that he would have been just as successful in whatever career he chose.
A leader that I have learned from professionally is Mark Schmidt. Mark is a principal that I worked for, for eight years. During the time I was working for him, I completed my building level administrative degree. Mark taught me many lessons in seeing beyond the here and now, focusing on the positives and how important hiring is in a school. I still find myself, 5-6 years after having him as a leader, thinking through situations trying to determine how Mark would have proceeded.

Someone that I believe has taught me many lessons in leadership on a personal level is my older brother, Denny Wiley. Lessons I have learned from Denny that impact all of my relationships both personal and professional are tied to loyalty, compassion and work ethic. Married for 25 years, I admire the devotion my brother shows to his family and his friends. He is a rare friend that would do anything he could for others. He doesn't preach or even think that what he does is out of the ordinary. He conducts himself daily as I hope to someday be viewed, as a doer that models what he believes is important and someone that will get his hands dirty to accomplish the common goal.

The things that I see tying these three together are relationship building and acting for a purpose beyond their own personal benefit. Great activity..