June 30, 2011

Pod-Tea Time

 I belong to a United Way lady's group.
It all started with the "Power of the Purse"
You pick the group you want to be in.
Each group is called a "Pod", and each pod does something different.
  This pod is just a laid back group.
We just get together to chat and enjoy each other's company and
 get to know each other better.
We have gotten together a couple of time.
We've done a
Dinner night , Movie night, Cocktail night.
This get together was a "High-Tea"
My mom and Alice Zaikowiski  went with me.
It was so much fun dressing up and wearing the big hats.
This is my Kentucky Debry hat from last year.

The food and company was great.
Chantel and Renee did a great job with this.
I do have to admit I didn't have tea, I had wine.
I know this is a shocker LOL
I can't wait until next time.
Thanks ladies.