February 8, 2012

OMG... They let me teach...

Right after the new year Renee sent me an msn message that said,
"Hey remember how I told you I might be 
asked to do more guest speaking?" 
She said " I just got a call from a district manager that
was asking for someone to speak at a CSR class,
but guess what, he didn't ask for me."
I about pooped my pants.
I picked up the phone and called her and said
"HELL NO... It's not me..."
She just laughed and said
 "yup.. It's you"
Renee said yes they want me to come to Idaho to talk to
 the agency staff and explain how we have become so successful.
She made me feel better when she let me know
she would be going with me to do the class with me.

Watch out Idaho here we come...

For several weeks now I have been stressing out about this whole day.
Trey (one of the district managers-he is the one that asked us)
 did a conference call with us and several other district managers and other agents about what they wanted Renee and I
to speak about and teach the staff members.
They also let us know that they all wanted to take us out for dinner
when we got to Boise.
Renee and I got the agenda together and some
cheat sheets ready for the class. 

Finally the day got here.
WOW, what a 24 hours it was.
We left out of PDX and landed in Boise.
Trey picked us up from the airport and we went right to the restaurant.
There was a private room full of people to meet us.

Not only were there several district managers, agents,and staff but the
state executive for Idaho was there to meet us.
I even texted Denny,
"holy crap this a a big deal"
It was a beautiful restaurant and the food was amazing.

This picture is the ceiling in the bar.
This is the women's bathroom.
The men's bathroom.
It has a peep-hole that plays a video of people making-out.
These are the owners.

Oh ya the food...
It was an awesome dinner and great company.
After dinner we went straight to the hotel.
They put us up at the Hampton.

Of course I had a hard time sleeping, I just kept picturing in my head how the class was going to go.
I only got about 3 hrs of sleep.

OMG.... It's the day.
Renee knew I was so nervous.
She was really good about trying to calm me down as much as she could. She just kept reminding me the she would be right there with me and if I ever got stuck on anything to just look at her and she would take over.
The class was at the University of Phoenix. 
So many people signed up for the class that we had a
morning session and an afternoon one.
For the morning class we got to watch everyone come in so I
 felt a little better but was still scared to death. 
Trey asked me if there was anything he could get me and I said
 "ya a b%#f  bag" .
Eight am and here we go.
Trey introduces us to the about 25-30 people in the first class.
Renee being the pro she is at this she started out on fire.
I sat there and felt my heart beat almost out of my chest.
Then Renee says I will let Teri tell you about herself.
OH Shit...
I stood up and said my name and started to tell them about myself and said,
"OK I'm really nervous right now"
I got a laugh out of that.
I took a deep breathe and we started into the agenda.
After about five minutes I felt way better.
I worked the lap-top that would show in the big screen.
Renee and I did a great job explaining things and helping people understand the system and find easier ways to do things. 
The class would ask questions and let us know things that we didn't know. 
After the first class was done some people  came up to me and tell me that we did a great job and that they learned alot.
I just kept thinking, I'm so glad the first class is over and that I had
a really fun time doing it, but most of all I
was glad I didn't puke in front of everyone. LOL

The second class started at 1pm, we went out for lunch and came back about 12:55pm. Renee and I thought the afternoon class was going to be smaller, but guess what we walked in the door and holy crap the
whole class was full.
Also, the district managers and agents, state people and the
 state executive stayed and watched us all day. 
Yup, I started to panic again.
Again a big deep breathe and off we go.
It was great because everyone had a laptop so they
could do everything I was doing.
I learn better by doing not just watching.
What a day...
After it was all said and done,
I loved it and would totally do it again.
People were so nice after and just kept thanking Renee and I for
 coming and talking to them today.
Renee and I work so well together, people would tell us how we would feed off each other and it was like we could finish each other's sentences.
We have worked together so long we do know most of the time what the
 other is about to say.
People also told us how inspiring we were and that they will be going back to their agency's and putting some of the stuff we shared into place.
I can't wait to hear their success stories.

I want to thank Trey for asking us to come and speak and Renee for making me do it. She always knows just how far she can push me out of my comfort zone, and each time I end up loving what I have done and  totally love who I have become over the last 12 years.

SWEET it's beer time!!!
Then off to the airport again.

Thanks to everyone and anyone that had a hand in making
 this day a great day of learning. I hope to see you all again soon.

I also want to thank the Corwin-Rey office girls
for also being rock-stars so Renee and I could do
this and know that the agency is left in awesome hands.
We are all Rock-Stars...