February 13, 2012

Seeing Red...

I finally did it.
For a long time now I have wanted to give blood.
Sami had posted on Facebook for someone to go with her to donate.
I let her know that I wanted to go with her.
I thought this would be a great "Mother-Daughter" bonding moment.
So she scheduled both of us appointments.
Denny and I went up to Tacoma and met her after she go out of school.

We got to the Cascade Regional Blood Services Center.
I was a little nervous.
I hate needle's, but I just kept telling my self that,
"if I could give birth to 2 kids, I can handle giving blood"

Sami and I got all signed in
then a nurse came out and took each of us into a room,
to take our blood pressure,
temperature & pulse, and they pricked your finger.

I came out and Sami let me know
"ya I'm not donating.. I have a sore throat."
As you can imagine that went over really well. LOL

She made me still do it alone.
So off to the chair.

I'm ready for the needle.
I just closed my eye, and did deep breathing.
The lady was really nice, making sure I was OK all the time.
She told me I could back out anytime I wanted to.
I told her I would never hear the end of it if I chickened out.
I felt really good during the donation, then I went into the snack room and had some cookie's and juice.
The nurse was right next to me.
I said "ok now I feel light-headed"
She stuck to me for about 10 mins, making sure I wasn't going to pass out.
I was fine, just felt a little weird.
I didn't know until Sami told me that for every donation
of blood you save at least 3 life's.
So glad I did it.
Thanks Sami... Love you..
After Denny and I took Sami and Tino to dinner.
They say not to have alcohol or caffeine for 4 hours after.
Because your blood is down, if you have
1 beer it makes you feel like you've had 2 or 3.
Well of course I had to try it out. LOL
Yes I had a beer, I was a little loopy but I was before the beer.
I was just really tried.

Our office has been trying to put together a blood drive.
Now that I now how easy it is to donate,
I will be for sure putting a blood donation event together.
And I will be donating again at that also.
We will be sending out info soon.