February 19, 2012

Chocolate Over-load...

It was Iron Chef night again.
It was at Renee and Michel's and they picked
as the main ingredient.
(sorry about some of the pictures,
I got a new camera and I'm still trying to figuare it out.)

Each couple brings a course and a cocktail,
everything has to include chocolate in some way.

Toni & Steve had appetizers.
Denny & I had soup & salad.
I had found on pinterest  really cool chocolate bowls.
It was fun making them.

We also made chocolate soup.
In the chocolate bowls,
we did a fruit salad with whipping cream
and chocalte covered raisins.

Renee & Michel had the main course.
Jeff & Kristin had dessert.
Jeff & Kristin gave me a speical plate.
They know how much I hate raccoons,
if you look close on my plate is a raccoon.
Jeff thinks he is so funny.
Way too much chocolate...
My hands and feet were swollen.
As always it was a fun and full night.
Next Iron Chef is at Jeff & Kristins,
main ingredients is
again we got soup & salad.
That will be a fun one to do.