February 21, 2012

The Bunting

The Bunting 
In 1966 Maude and Basil Tincher were awaiting the arrival of their
 first great grandchild. 
They purchased a soft, snuggly bunting and their 
granddaughter Linda's first child, 
Teri Jean, was welcomed home in it. 
Every great grandchild was lovingly wrapped in the bunting as they
 left the hospital; and now the tradition carries on with
 great great grandchildren and generations of children to come. 

As each set of parents brings home a new bundle of life, think
 back on those links to our past and know that you have 
snuggled in your arms a bridge to our future. 

My son 
Christopher James
My daughter 
Samantha Jean
The Bunting Book

These words below are my cousin Julie's, from her blog. 
Since 1966, starting with my cousin Teri, this bunting has brought every single baby on my dad's side of the family home, including me, my sisters, cousins, my cousins kids and Bennett.
So here is our little girl in her "bunting pictures" I think she looks pretty beautiful... and I am sure someday her daughters will look beautiful in it too.

Here is "Aunt T" (my cousin Teri, the first in the bunting). She came with her daughter Sami today to meet out little girl and brought us dinner! Yum! Having dinner ready so early definitely made me feel like my first day home as a mama to two was a complete success :) Thank you guys!

Julie has a awesome blog about her journey on becoming a mom.