April 29, 2012

54.19 mile ride

Wes and I had a great ride. 
We met at his house in hopes of doing a 70 mile ride. 
He was having some tire and back problems. 
The tire pump that was on the bike Wes has is a crappy one,
so he used the one off my bike. 
Meghan put a medicated pack on his shoulders. 
Lilly testing out her bike.
I hope she gets a new one for her birthday,
 I think this one needs to go to Chloe. 

He thought he had enough air in the tire but we had to stop like
60 yards from their house. 
He actually had to air it up twice.
For some reason he didn't like me taking pictures.
 Bummer for him. LOL 

We finally got off on the ride. 
We rode to the bike trail, and went down part of it 
we hadn't been on yet. 
That part really wasn't that long. 

When we got to the end of that this little girl was fighting with her dad.
I don't this she wanted to get back into the bike trailer. 
She was telling her dad "come here", dad was like "no,you come here" 
she was ticked and said "NO you come here" 
dad then said "I will meet you half way". 
\It took her a minute but she did. 
I asked her if she wanted to go with us, she could ride on the handlebars. 
She thought about it for a minute, and decided to stay with her dad. 
When her dad picked her up and we started to leave she said, 
"I like my mommy best".
Wes and I laughed and took off again. 

We were going to ride the trail from the cut off to either Tenino or Yelm. 
I was having a hard time, my legs were killing me after only about 16 miles. 
I hate having to turn around and ride back what we already did, so I told Wes I thought we should ride to my house and then drive back to his house. 
So that's what we did. 
These pictures are at the Olympia golf course.

We had to take a pit stop.

By this time I was ready for this ride to be over. 
I don't think I ate right the last couple of days, and felt like I had no energy. 
But it is such a pretty ride.

When we got to this point the ride from here to my
 house is the route of the STP.

I was ahead of Wes, and out of the woods on my right side a big-ass 
hawk flew out and almost hit me. 
I thought I was going to fall over. 
Of course I had to stop and get a picture of her. 
Right after this Wes rides by me and said it scared him too. 
The bird then flew off with two little babies. 
So she must have been protecting her babies. 

Right at the end of the ride we went by the airport, 
and there was a plane with a para-glider.

Finally made it to my house. 
Yes, Wes loves me for making him do this. 
He is doing a great job. 

Great job Wes and what great hair you have.
 I've see that hair doo before on Craig. LOL

Chris is in love with Wes because of all his tattoos
 and that Wes is a tattoo artist. 
Chris is like "you going to sleeve me up on my other arm?" 

No that is not hair on my leg it is dirt.
I got dirt all over both legs and really needed a shower.

Denny was a sweetheart and drove Wes back to Lacey, 
and when we got there Meghan had an awesome dinner ready for us. 
Yea, we are spoiled. 
Thanks guys.