April 15, 2012

Denny & Wes's first ride...

What a beautiful day for a ride. 
Denny finally got to take his motor cycle out for his first solo ride. 
I still can't believe he has a bike. 
He and his brother Steve were in a bad motorcycle accident about 27 years ago. 
It has always been a bad topic with Denny and I, 
because I really didn't want him to get one again. 
But guess what I lost that fight. 
I know he is older and smarter now, so I feel better about it than 
I would have if he got it 20 years ago.
I have to admit it is a great looking bike. 

No I haven't been on a ride with him yet. 

He was getting ready to go to Westport for seafood. 
And I was off to Lacey for Wes and I to do our first bike ride together. 

Wes is going to do the STP 
(Seattle to Portland - bike ride)
with me this year. 
He doesn't have a bike so he is using Denny's. 
Denny's shoes didn't fit his so he had to change out the 
pedal's from the clip on's to the regular ones. 

I brought some of Denny's biking clothes to see if Wes wanted to use them. 
The biking shirt he wasn't a fan of, and he wasn't to keen on the
 shorts but the shorts he left on. 
It is always weird the first time you put butted biking shorts on, 
it feels like you have a diaper on. 
It is totally worth it after a ride, really helps your  butt. 

All ready to go. 
Lily wanted in the pictures with her bike. 

We were off to find the trail head for the Chehalis Western Trail.
I had never started from the Lacey end, so we kinda knew where we were going. 
But we found it. 

Wes was doing a great job. 
Wes sometimes did have a hard time keeping up with me, but that's just
 because he isn't used to using the muscles that it takes to ride a long ride. 
He will get used to it and kick my butt the next ride.

This is my favorite part of the whole trail.

This was our turn around point. 

He made it! 
The only problem he really had was trying to get used to how the 
gears on the bike works, 
and which is the best to use at different times. 
Most of all going up hills. He will get it. 
If he gets clip-on shoes that will help a ton.
His first 25 miler.
Great job Wes, really proud of you.
And thanks for doing this part of my journey with me. 

After we got back we waited for Denny to show up on his bike. 
He finally did and had the seafood with him. 
This is the first time I have seen him in all his gear for his kind of riding. 
He looked pretty good. 

Lily like his bike and wanted to sit on it. 

Chloe also wanted on. 
They look so cute. 

After all our riding was done we did a BBQ. 
OK Meagan did most of it. Thanks Meg. 
Chloe also helped.
We had a couple yummy appetizers, then steak, potatoes, bread and crab.
OMG!! everything was so good. 
She also did berry sangria's.

The girls were having fun dancing to the music. 
They are so cute. 

What a cheesy smile from Chloe. 

It was a great day. 
Thanks Wes and Meghan for having us up for the day. 
It was wonderful.