April 12, 2012


I can't believe how much talk is going on about my nails. 
Forever I have had "long" nails. 
Believe it or not but if my nails are short I bite them. LOL Ya I know gross. 
I love my nails. 
So the other day Renee said something to me and I posted it on Facebook and here is what I got. 

Renee is telling me my long nails are out of fashion.... Ggggrrrrr... What do you think?

  • obviously they are too long. you ran out of red trying to paint those long suckers and had to use black for the pinky.
    Natural nails are the way to go now:)...take those suckers off and get your nails shellaced...You always look great! Just a thought..lol
    Your nails are awesome. I am considering getting my put back on too! 
    I wouldn't go any longer though!
    I think they are bomb! Except the black coke nail,lol.
    I only mentioned it, because you broke one.. thought it was the perfect opportunity for you to 'trim them back a bit'... it just reminds me of Cindi Lauper in the 80's... :-)
    • Since I do nails for a living.... I will say that there is nothing wrong at all with acrylics because we're not all blessed with thick healthy nails... 

      However, my personal preference is that they be shorter than you have them now but neat and happy bright. Most of my clients don't like them more than 1/4 inch past the tips of their fingers otherwise they can't pick up change or button their clothes.

      Whomever is doing your nails does a really nice job on them. They have a really beautiful shape, the cuticle line looks healthy and they don't have that horrible claw like arch that some nail artists do... so your nail girl is a total keeper. When we do competitions they always make us paint in red because it shows every little imperfection in the shape and surface.... and yours look really nice
      Yeah def get them shorter..Not too short though
      On closer inspection... use some dang cuticle oil lady... your hands are dry!! *lol*
      Try it! If you don't like it they'll grow back! In the mean time you'll be amazed at how easy it can be to button things, text and type!
      I think they look really nice. I keep mine a little shorter so I can be a little more 
      functional in the office!
      I don't think you should change them you've had them that way since I can remeber :)
      Love them! Not so good for cleaning toilets, though!
      Do what makes you happy, Teri!
      A little long...but I would never give up my fake nails either! It makes my short stubby fingers look longer! Gee maybe I should do that to my hair too!
      I'm sure you were smokin hot in the 80s....why change?
      I think those are your own nails, aren't they, Teri?
      LOLOL OMG this is so funny to watch, Yes Janet they are my natural nails with gel polish over the top
      I dont really care about what's in if I really like it . We all are used to you with long nails. It's part of you so you get to decide.
      You wear them however you want to!!! I love em!! Maybe a French manicure or lighter color for Spring otherwise, wear em how YOU like em!! That's what I've always liked about you, you were always you!!
      How do you pick your nose? BAHAHAHA I have been hinting for a long time to trim them back:-) Get a French pedicure and square them off a bit, you'll love a new modern look. If you hate it, you can always grow them out again.
      You'll want them shorter for the mud run...
      Your nails have always been long and so pretty! Leave them how you like them!!!!
      I can just see Teri busting a nail on the mud run *lol*
      They're still hot in France. Trust me, I speak French.
      attention whore!!!! lol

      HOLY CRAP that was funny. 
      So today I checked in 
      Cutting my nails — at Beauty Nails.
      and got this. 
      how short?!
      What? Are you having an identity crisis?
      Way to go Teri! :)
      they did look dangerous yesterday! :)

      OK before I show what they look like now I have to explain the 
      "black pinkie nail" 
      NO it isn't my crack nail like my kids say it is.
      But when I turned 39 I was in mourning of turning 40 the next year. 
      So I  said I was going to paint my pinkie black until I turned 41, 
      well I'm now 45 and they are still black. I now said they are all going black all the 
      time when I turn 50. 

      OK here we go. 
      The big cut. 


      I know they aren't as short as you most would like, 
      but you know I am who I am, so tough shit LOL 
      I love them!!!