April 22, 2012

Wenchtee 1/2 Marathon

Perfect weekend.
Again off to another event, this time it was a 1/2 Marathon in
Wenatchee with Pam Scott.
 I totally wasn't ready and had told Pam a couple of weeks ago that
I wasn't sure if I could do it, she said then just do the 10K.
I thought that was perfect, 
I have been cross-training, trying to get into shape
 for the STP in July, so I haven't gotten much running in. 
We took off Friday morning, the drive was so pretty. 

All the way over on the drive I went back and forth over whether to run the
 10K or do the 1/2. 
The more I thought about it the more I thought,
 there is NO way I'm doing the 10K and letting my 63 year old aunt do the 1/2. 
So yea I decided to do the 1/2 marathon.
I figured the worst thing that could happen is I walk most of it. 
So after trying to check into the hotel, but our rooms weren't ready,
 Denny and I went to Applebee's for a drink and to wait for Pam and Paul. 
They finally got there and after a couple drinks we went to pick up our packets.

Below is the finish line for the run. 
You run down the tunnel. 

Then we went to the restaurant for meet old friends for dinner. 
Jim and Debbie Phipps and their girls. 
Denny and Jim Phipps have been friends for years, Jim was even in our wedding. 
Debbi English Phipps and I graduated high school together. 
So we all go way back. 
(I didn't get a picture of all of us together) :(
This is them in Hawaii. 

 Just their daughter Sarah came to dinner. 
It was great food, prefect for right before a run. 
They cook your food right there in front of you on those round grills.

And we even ate with chop-sticks, ok not all of it LOL

Then after, the best part of the day..... 
My monkey movie.

I'm so in love with Oscar. 
Only the girls went to the movie, the guys didn't want to go to a monkey movie. 
Well they were sorry, the movie was awesome. 
It is unreal how close to human's they are, the love and caring for 
each other it is so much like us. 
And the cinematography was unbelievable.
I'm ready to adopt a chimp. 
I will be buying this movie when it comes out. 

The next morning we were up and at the start line early, ready to take off at 8am. 
Wenatchee Marathon & Half-Marathon, 10K, Marathon Relay
Wenatchee, WA USA
April 21, 2012 

This is the first 1/2 I've done without anyone else running along side me. 
Pam runs faster then me, so we didn't stay together.
Renee had told me before to listen to a book on tape and only 
listen to it when I'm running.
So I did that, I turned my book on and took off. 
I was ready to enjoy the run.

We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day. 
I was feeling really good. I was running a mile, then walk a 1/2 
then run a mile again. 
I was just in a zone listening to my book, a couple time's I would look up and see 
Denny and Paul there waiting to take our pictures and support us.
Pam and I told them, there is nothing better than to see them
 along the run supporting us. 
Those two rock when it comes to doing that for us no matter 
what it is we are doing. 
Love you guys!!! 

Look at how beautiful it was. Wow that mountain is awesome.

I knew that another Farmers agent was running the 1/2 but never 
thought I would see him. 
Somewhere on this stretch I hear from a guy that had already 
turned around yell
"Teri", and sure enough it was Matt Wyatt.
Here is Pam she already hit the turn around point. 

At mile 8 I'm still feeling really good, and enjoying my book.
The only bad part of listening to that book was, the main character's father dies, 
and I started crying. LOL. 
Yea, leave it to me to be running a 1/2 marathon and crying. 

Mile 10 the guys found us again. 
I was still feeling pretty good.

Mile 11 I started going down hill. 
My legs and feet were hurting pretty bad. 
I found myself right behind a couple of people walking and I was running and 
we were all going the same pace, yea I walked it most of the way from there. 
Thank god there was only 1 more mile.

There it was the #13 sign and the bridge to the finish line. 
Pam finishing. 

My turn to finish.
I could barely walk up the bridge, I really thought my legs were going to give out. 
When I got to the top I started running down it. 
I had to make it look good at the end. 

After I finished I found Pam watching the awards ceremony.

Emily, her mom Sally, and daughter Paige were at the finish line also. 
That was so nice of them to come and watch and support us.
Matt was still there and came over and said Hi and talked awhile. 
Here is how each of us finished. 
HALF 50 M M5054

548PamScottHALF 63FF606402:32:0002:31:4800:11:35ResultsN/A 

658 teri wiley HALF 45 F F4549 03:13:21 03:13:09 00:14:45 Results N/A

Matt and Pam kicked ass.
Pam got 4th in her age group.

Another one in the books. 

After the run we went to Emily Jackson Scott
 parents house, Dan & Sally Jackson for lunch.
I'm mad because I didn't get any pictures. 
They live on an orchard. 
So beautiful and they were so nice to cook us a great lunch. 
Pam and I were starving. 
Pam and I asked if there was something we could help with, then thought
 (we can't move)
 so we changed it to, what can Denny and Paul help with? 
Pam and I just sat there enjoying the sunshine, company and wine or beer. 

After lunch we visited for awhile, then I was running out of steam. 
So we went back to the hotel. 
I think I got alittle sun. 

After my shower I crashed. 
Got into bed and didn't move the rest of the night. 
Denny brought me pizza in bed. 

Got up Sunday morning hurting, the burn was worse and I could barely walk. 

Pam's sunburn. 

We got go to breakfast with my brother Geoff and Christy. 
It was really good to see them again, it had been way too long. 

We headed home. 
Had to stop at the top of Snoqualmie Pass.


Had to make a couple more stops. 
Had to stop and see my baby. 

Then had to stop and get Denny's baby at Wes and Meghan's. 

I followed him home and couldn't keep up with him. 
Wonder how long it is before he gets a ticket. 

"WHAT? I didn't do anything"

What a great weekend from start to finish.
So glad we got to see everyone and enjoy time with them.
The weather was so beautiful.
Off to work on the next event.
"March of Dimes" walk next weekend.
Go Team Bennett.