December 1, 2012

2012 Turkey Trot

This is my 3rd Turkey Trot, but this year I didn't do the Corwin Trot,
 I did the Olympia Trot with my cousin Julie and Aunt Pam. 
The run started with the kid's turkey trot. 
Bennett, Lily & Lexi did that run. 
Denny, Paul, Joel & Anne were also there to support the runners.

And they are off... 
The kids run was a 1/2 mile. 
They were so cute. 

After the kids were done, Pam, Julie and I did 4 miles. 
I was pretty excited about my speed, I kept up with them, or maybe
 they just slowed down for me LOL

What a fun way to start out the day. 
After the run, Denny and I were off to Wes & Meghan's for Thanksgiving dinner. 
This was Wes's first time cooking a turkey, he did an awesome job. 
It was so good, and not dry LOL 

Thanks everyone for a wonderful Thanksgiving day. 
I feel so blessed to have you are in my life. 
Love you all!!!