December 1, 2012

Corwin-Rey annual beach weekend.

Once again us girls from the office took off early Friday and headed to 
Seaside for the weekend.
This is our weekend that we celebrate Boss's Day and each of our birthday's.
I look forward to this weekend all year.
I love these girls so much...
We went to the same condo that we have stayed at for now 3 years.
It is a weekend full of laughs, games, food and of course some drinks. 

We got Renee M & M's with her name and picture of them, and popcorn bowls. 
Her favorite food is popcorn. 
We got her a photo album of everything in the past year, 
but we didn't have time to get it finished in time for this weekend... 
Guess we know what she is getting for Christmas. LOL  

Karina's girls also wrote a poem for Renee. 
Yes we all cried.. It was awesome. 
I just had to put this series of pictures so you can see the emotion. 

We also got a run on the beach in. 

We did have time to get some business time in, but it was a S.W.O.T. meeting on
 the beach with a water bottle full of mimosa's. 
That is the best kind of business meeting. 

I love girl talk time... 
I love these girls!!!

After our meeting it was fun time, more food, drinks and Magic Mike.
Renee and Karina  had not seen it. 
I love Karina's reaction.  

While Renee attended Presidents Council all week long they 
asked them to show what we were passionate about! 
Here is a sneak peak ! ( its the names of her entire staff))

Heidi comes out of the bathroom looking like Renee... 
She did it herself so it is backwards. LOL 
OMG that started everyone doing it.
What fun. 

If was hard to get our group picture in but I did it, I got all 6 of us in 
by just holding my arm out really far. 
I must have really long arms. LOL 

Thanks for a great weekend.