December 14, 2012

Office X-mas party 2012

Again another AWESOME office party in the books. 
This year we started out at a store painting ceramic plates. 
What a great idea. 
To make sure we got lots of pictures we had 4 camera's going. 
Petey even got to join us. 

This is my plate

I got each of the girls a little gift. 
Santa toilet seat cover and floor mat. LOL 

 Heidi was the reigning "Employee of the Year 2011" 
She did her final walk. LOL

 The new employee of the year 2012 is Kimberly.
Great job this year Kimberly. 

For our beach weekend, I got everything ready for it and teased everyone
 all weekend that I did it ALL myself. 
So the girls got me this frame that at the bottom says 
"I did it ALL myself" 
 but they picked  an UGLY picture to go in it. LOL
Love it... 

Thanks girls.. 
Renee got a photo album which she didn't get at beach weekend. 

She also finally got her crown to wear. 

We all got 2 matted pictures of her with all our names on her, 
we each wrote something on the mat. 
There is one for each office. 
We love you Renee,
 thanks for being an awesome role model for all us girls. 

Then we were off to Renee's for dinner and more presents. 
Michel and Denny were both there to help Renee with everything. 
Michel was cutting the cheese up, and tried to cut my head off. LOL 

Love this picture of Denny & I.

Some of the presents from Renee were matching scarfs, pens with our 
names on them and other way cool stuff. 

One of the presents was a 5K that our agency is going to do. 
There was a great bag with each of our names on it and this poem.
Also each of us got another running bag and a 5K t-shirt. 
Again another great idea Renee came up with. 

Petey got to meet Pete. 

Renee playing the harp and Pascal playing the saxaphone. 

Now Renee playing the piano and all of us singing along. 
We should take our act on the road. LOL 

Corwin-Rey Agency 2012 
Sicili, Heidi, Renee, Kimberly, Ashley
Karina, Yesenia and I.

What an awesome night. 
Thank you Renee for everything you do for us. 
Love you lots!!!!!