December 1, 2012

November marathon training.

So just finished the first nearly full month  of training for my marathon in April. 
Started out with my Chi running class on 11-5, several  runs and a turkey trot. 
I added up all the miles I ran and it was 55 miles, 
several cross training days and a pinky toe nail ripped off. 
So that wasn't bad for the first month.

Here are my long run stats. 
Sat 11/10 - 5 mile walk/run on the beach in Seaside

Sat 11/17 - 6 miles - ave - 12:25 mins

Sat 11/24 - 7 miles 1:29 ave 12:45 a mile

 I belong to a running group and there is a challenge going on to exercise at least 10 mins each day, so I thought I would get my 10 mins in today while cooking dinner... What could go wrong with cooking, music, dancing and oh ya a Vodka & 7... Omg .. Funny

December is starting out awesome, I got my long run in this morning 
Sat 12/1 - 8 miles 96:34 mins ave 12:04 min

The 331, is the calorie counter and when it gets to 1000 it starts over. 
So it was a total of 1331 calories burned. 

Yes I know I look sexy... LOL