December 1, 2012

7 years and still counting....

I can't believe I didn't notice this. 

I was the only one home after I went and got my nails painted.
 I looked down and saw that  he didn't paint my pinkies black,
I guess I was so worried about him painting them as candy canes
 I didn't see that he painted all of them candy cane. 

I think I sucked the air out of the room when I saw it and texted my daughter Sami. 
Here are all our text's about it. LOL 

Me-Like my nails?

Sami-Candy canes!!!
Me-Do you see something wrong?
Sami-Why isn't your pinky black?
Me-I know ... I was so wanting the candy cane I didn't notice that my pinky wasn't
black until about 20 mins ago
Me-I should go paint it shouldn't I? It's been 7 yrs
Sami-Lmao. You going to go back and have her redo it?
Me-I don't know what to do, I like the way they look now lol
Me-But that's a long time to not do it anymore
Sami-I think put it back..
Me-I think so too
Sami-Do it! Lol
Me-I will lol
Me-I can't find any black here
Sami-How is that possible?
Me-I haven't done my own mails for years lol
Me-I feel like I'm in a panic lol
Sami-That's ridiculous!
Me-But true
Me-I need to find a Sharpie 
Me-Not perfect but better... Lol

Sami-Way !!
Me-I will get it fixed tomorrow
Sami-Lol yes better
Me-I know!!!! Now I can relax....

 *Here is the story behind the black pinky's.* 
When I turned 39 I painted my pinky's black in mourning of turning 40.
 I said they would be that way until I was 41.
 Well I'm now 46, so for over 7 years they have been black.

I said when I turn 50 they are all going black.
Yes I'm sad... But that's who I am LOL......