June 2, 2013

Fun over-niter with the Olsen kids...

Denny and I got the honor of spending quality time with the Olsen kids,
Annie 16 months and Bennett 4 1/2.
This was the first time other than grandparents watching them overnight.                    
   We thought it would be way easier (and it was) to go and stay the
 night at Julie & Joel's, that way the kids have everything they 
would need and they would do better sleeping in their own beds. 

Well, Denny and I got up early Saturday morning and headed to their house. 
I was going to pick Annie up and head to my other cousin's house, Meghan.
Meghan was doing my nieces and her friends hair for their prom that night.
We got to their house and the kids were all excited and Julie and Joel 
were almost ready to leave. 
Julie had texted me the night before that read this... 

Just for FYI- I did ask for instructions for the remote. LOL

Ok, so I just got a pedicure and spent the time typing out some helpful Olsen kid
info so that you aren't left high and dry with two crazy kids ;) again we do not
care, as long as you have fun and the kids are alive on Sunday ;) 
I just wanted to leave you helpful info ;)

Oh and we will chat about the remotes and everything tomorrow 
I just wanted it written out so that you can refer to it later if you forget... ;) hehehe
See ya round 9?


I got 3 emails with all this in them LOL 

 On May 31, 2013, at 6:17 PM, Julie Olsen
Ok this is in no way instructions, I just want to leave you with info that will make your life easier and more fun with the kids. We are sooooo excited and thankful for you coming, we just want you guys to have fun!
Annie will nap one or two times a day, one in the morning maybe if she gets up too early and the main nap is around 1 pm. Put her "jump suit" on her over her clothes give her a binky (both these things are in crib), set her in the crib, walk out and turn off the light and close door, she might cry for a minute but usually calms down on her own. THe sound machine is on top her bookcase. Just push the button on the front face near the top once... she usually sleeps like two hours. She can totally sleep at Megan's in a pack n play in a room too so no worries there.
Bennett usually naps at 1 pm too... But he can easily skip it so whatever you want to do, make sure he uses potty before bed. He always has to have his blue blanket and likes the closet light on... (He will keep you well informed of his likes and dislikes as you know ;)
Night time;
Annie goes down around 7pm, same routine as before. I usually just try to put something long sleeved under her jump suit at night so she doesn't wake up cold. She should sleep through the night. If she squawks a bit she usually goes back to bed but she may need help finding her binky or calmed but this is rare.
She wakes up around 7 am... And immediately wants a bottle (yes she still gets one bottle in the morning because she loves it and I love to make her happy ;)
Just fill it full of milk, pop it in microwave for like 30 sec with nipple off, she will run over and lay on her back In The living room and enjoy, it is kinda hilarious ;)
Bennett; again he will tell you what he wants but he does need to brush teeth in our bathroom before bed and PUT on a NIGHTTIME pUll up,,, you will have a very wet boy around midnight if you don't, they are underneath the sink in his bathroom, sometimes he will try to trick you but he for sure needs it so don't let him break ya ;) haha
He goes down around 815, 840 usually but seriously we don't care so whatever you want to do.
Both my kids love to eat as you know, they snack on crackers nearly all day and that is cool.
Annie does like instant oatmeal in the morning and I usually use the kurig to make hot water, she goes ballistic for it but wait until its not too hot, I swear she is so inpatient ;) hehe
She likes to feed herself lately and is a mess so I would just take her outfit off first.... She also loves cottage cheese so feel free, it is usually a fun activity.
B will eat anything, they love pizza which I left in fridge. Just make sure everything for the kids is cut small, both seem to jam their mouths to the brim... 
Extra diapers and wipes are in the bottom right hand bin In the living room by grandmas old rocker... 
The remotes are the same for both the living room and the bed room (different remotes but they look the same) the one for the bedroom has a small crack in the screen.
To turn on:
There should be a list if activities on the main screen, push: "watch PVR" this should turn on the tv and the dvr (cable),
Use the menu and guide buttons to navigate the guide, the enter button works as you would think.
At any point if something doesn't turn on just push the "help" button. The screen will then prompt you to say yes or no and should get it all working,
The off button is in the middle on the top.
The living room remote up volume does not work, if the volume gets turned down you have to walk behind the wall open the cabinet and turn the large volume on the receiver up, usually to about 29 ;) Bennett will show you if you get confused ;)
You can always use the numbers to navigate between Chanel's too... HBO is channels around 555,
Nick JR is 127 (a good kid cartoon one)
The alarm code for the house is **** (Joel) if you ever need it, the key pad is in the laundry room.
Just push **** "stay" at night if you want to set it, **** "off" in the morning, it is super super loud but I accidentally set it off all the time ;)
It is connected to the police etc so if it goes off for like a couple minutes they will call.
Hurlie: (the dog)
She can go out all darn day if you want, she has an electric fence that is up and working so she can't really go anywhere. She sleeps in our room at night and will usually stay out of your hair... She eats two scoops in the morning and Bennett is great at helping ;)
She loves eating the kids snacks and keeps our floors clean (I love it but is usually pisses Annie off) she does like coming in if we leave the house but she is free to roam the house. Just throw her out the back if she is annoying you.
So again I do not care if they nap, eat or whatever I just want to make sure it is easy and fun for you.
I will have my cell and do not feel bad about bugging us at all. I realize I sound like a crazy person with all this info I just don't want you feeling like we left you high and dry with two crazy kids!
Speaking of dry... There is beer and wine in fridge, more beer in garage... Chardonnay on bottom shelf of door, drink up!!!
Please eat anything you want, icecream In freezer and large bag of candy on top shelf in pantry ;)
Thank you thank you thank you!! !bennett is sooo excited about you guys coming, he knows we will not be coming back until the next day and he doesn't seem to care ;)
The sheets are clean as of this morning so rest up. The monitor is plugged In by my side and should rotate between the kids every 8 seconds. It is set to work as is but the menu button is on the left side and volume on the right.
See ya in the morning ;)
Love ya, J

WOW... That was alot...  
I do have to admit I referred to it several times. 

Well Annie, Brooke, Brooke's friend and I 
said good bye to her mom and dad 
and off to Meghan's we went.

 Sami came over to surprise Brooke.
And its a good thing she did, because apparently it has been
awhile since I was in charge of a baby,
I had fed her when we first got here, but didn't even think about
having to feed her again.
Sami saved Annie from going hungry all day.

Sami, Annie and I snuck out for a little bit of 
shopping while the girls were still getting beautiful, 

The finished hair. 
Great job Meghan. 
They both look beautiful. 

Brooke's Senior Prom 2013

When Annie and I got back, she went down for a nap and 
Bennett was already taking one, 
So cute when they are sleeping.. LOL 

Mom and Dad were out enjoying their day. 
They had tickets to the Kenny Chesney concert. 

After naps, Denny and I got lots of play time with the Olsen kids.
And I had to be a little mean and just let Annie's hair go. 
The pig-tail's came out. 

And Uncle Denny got a new best friend for the weekend. 
I was a little jealous. 

After dinner we got in a couple of bath's and some play time. 

She was upset that she had to get out.

 Back in the bath.
This time with Bennett.

Silly boy!

Can you tell that Denny dressed Bennett,
I can hear all the kids yelling.
Hey Bennett... Your Uncle dresses you funny... LOL

But I did their hair.. LOL

Bennett was trying to shoot me with spider-man.

 Out came the "jump suit" and Annie burs ted into tears. 
She did NOT want to go to bed, 

10 minutes later.
Sleep tight Miss Annie.

Mr B. being silly again. 

You too Mr. B. sleep tight. 

 What a fun day.
Can't wait to see what the morning brings us.

We woke up to this cute little face.

Then Bennett got up and it was time to make breakfast.
I had never made pancakes from scratch, but Julie got me the
recipe and they turned out pretty good,
Of course I had lots of help.

Can't forget about the dog.

After breakfast I got an hour in on my bike trainer, again with help.

It was lots of fun watching these cute kids. 
They were so good the whole time. I only had to get up once for Annie,
 but I just gave her her binky and she went right back to sleep. 
Hopefully Julie and Joel ask us to do this again, 
It is great practice for when we get our very own grandchildren.
Love you guys and thanks again for a great time.  

And then Joel came home and dropped the fruit.