June 10, 2013

Introducing LBB...

June 9, 2013
As you all know I recently got a new car and I named her 
BBB (Big Black Bitch) 

Well here is
 LBB (Little Black Bitch)
Yes I got a new bike. 
I got her a couple of weeks ago. 

Today was the first day I really got  her out on the road. 
What an AWESOME ride. 
I was a little freaked out about having drop-down handle bars. 
I did have the bike shop put interrupter brakes on it.
The mirror was kinda freaking me out also. 
It is on the bottom of the handle bars. 
She is so light I can pick her up with one hand. 
Hopefully that will make me go really fast. LOL
This is my new view from on my bike. 

This bike is so comfortable that I could have ridden for hours. 
I got used to all of the difference's really fast. 
I did take a break to tan. LOL 
Yes I took her in the room with me. 

I got a 20 mile ride in and then my mom and I went for a little over a 
mile walk down to the sprinkler park and back. 
Ya I had to play in the water. LOL 

What a great day. 
Love summer time.
STP here I come.