June 7, 2013

My Niece Brooke's graduation...

Great job Brooke. 
We are all so proud of you. 
Love you!!
Graduation was Friday night at 7:30

Brooke was in the choir all throughout her high school years.
Her final performance of high school was to sing the national anthem.
They did a wonderful job.

When the graduates went across the stage the family members
were allowed to go down and get close up pictures of
 their loved one getting their diploma.
Jason (dad) and I went down and got some great pictures.

One of the girls that I work with Karina, her daughter Vanessa graduated also.
Great job Vanessa & Karina.

Brooke's friend Kristen.

 Mom Kim, and Dad Jason with their graduate.
 Grandma Helen, Brooke & Grandma Linda

 Mom Kim, Brooke & Kim Yates.

 Sami, Brooke & Me.

The Lutman Family
(it was hard to get one with all of them smiling) LOL

Chris, Brooke & Denny

 Taylor & Brooke

Maddie, Brooke & Jake.

Maddie & Brooke

 Congrats Brooke...
Love you!!

We had her party on Saturday.
What a fun time decorating for the party.
Thanks to everyone that came and helped us celebrate.

I had a great time doing Brooke's photo boards. 

Cousin Brittney, Brooke, Grandma Helen, Dad Jason & Aunt Angela.

Brooke and Brian for several years had a running joke. 
Every time Brian would call and Brooke would answer. 
She would say who is this, and he would say's it's chicken butt. 
So he told her on graduation he would get her a chicken. And so he did. 
Thankfully it turned out to be a plastic chicken. 
Nice joke Brian. LOL

The kids threw something on the roof of the house,
Jason to the rescue.

 Great BBQ'd ribs Jason.

Grandpa, "will you buy me a squirt gun like this."

 Of course Bennett, we will get the biggest one the store has. LOL

Grandma doesn't think this is a good idea. LOL
I don't know why, she said they already have a ton of them and it's
not safe when the kids get ahold of them.
I'm picturing lots of wet people.

Cute Joel.

I guess you are never to old to get on a trampoline.
Kim teased grandma Helen was giving the kids a sex talk. LOL

Congrats Brooke
Here's her preschool graduation picture. 

Senior graduation picture.

LOVE YOU... Kisses Aunt T