October 28, 2013

Corwin-Rey Boss's weekend 2013

October 25-27

It was time once again for all the girl's in the office to take Renee away for the weekend. 
We always have a wonderful time on these weekends, but by
 far this one was the best one we have had. 

So we all piled into my car and took off to Seabrook, Wa. 

There was a car carrier on the top of the car. We got into Aberdeen 
and the girls said “there is something coming down
 from the top of the car, you need to pull over”. 
I kind of panicked and turned onto the next street.
 What I didn't know was that it was a “one way” and I wasn't
 going the correct way. But the funniest part of it is there 
was a cop coming the correct way that if I hadn't 
stopped I would have hit him. LOL 
He of course flashes his light on and came up to the window. 
Heidi was in the way back and got video of it. You need 
to listen close to hear everything.
 OMG it was so funny.

When we finally got to the house we had rented, 
Karina and Yesenia (Jessie) treated us to a Mexican feast.
The rest of us unpacked everything, 
And everyone started drinking.
Every year there always ends up being at least one
picture of me kissing someone.
This year there are a couple. 

I had made all us girls our own special glass. 

After dinner Renee and I had some gifts for the girls.
We gave them all the present we got from Championship and Toppers.  
I had so much fun getting everything ready for this weekend.

I had also made everyone a tie blanket to snuggle with all weekend. 
I think they liked them. 
I made them line up and close their eyes. 
I then threw them at them. 
I ended up getting the one I wanted.

After the blankets the girls got to choose one gift from each colored ribbon. 
The order they got to pick in was decided by a bubble gum blowing contest. 
It went in order of who popped a bubble first. 

We did save some of the gifts for our team meeting in the morning. 
 Every year i  bring my famous "chocolate orgasm" dessert. 
This year Renee told me not to bring it, she had it covered. 
She got me an 8 piece set of cast iron personal pans with 
brownie mix and chocolate chip cookie mix. 
OMG I love them. 

Every year we get Renee a photo book of all the past years fun stuff 
that we have done as an agency.
Love these books. It is so much fun to look back on the past
 several years and see everything we have done together.

Heidi had brought her photo booth stuff for us to get fun pictures. 

These are the roses that Renee's dad Pete got us,
 and Petey joined us on our girl trip. 

Now it was game time.
Each of us brought a game to play. 
Ya we only got to 1. LOL 
It was a blast.

Fun first night. 

Saturday morning started out with a team meeting and mimosa's
We always do a   SWOT analysis 
( yes it's blurry, we can't give away all our secrets!) great team building exercise!

Melissa was a little excited....LOL 
Everyone got a Fitbit. 

After the team meeting we sent Renee into the bedroom while we
 got ready for the next surprise for her. 
We made her shower, do her hair and put make-up on. 
Of course she sat in the bedroom bitching on Facebook
 that she was locked in a room alone. 

Poor Renee stuck all alone in her room. 
I felt so sorry for her. 

We each got out our invite to have Tea with the Queen. 

Each of us brought our own tea cup and saucer. 
Mine was from my grandma's china set she gave me. 

Time for Renee to join the "Tea Party"
The Queen is here!

Kim had to head back home right after this. 
She has a new baby she had to get back too. 
But we wanted some fun pictures with all of us in our tea outfits. 
We headed outside. 

It was so much fun. We had a guy walk up to us and ask if he could take out picture. 
It worked out perfect because we wanted one of us walking across the street. 
We walked back through town later and there were feather's all over. 
So funny. 

After Kim left we changed our clothes and went off to the beach. 
What an AWESOME place this is. 
Petey had a great time on our walk also. 

Heidi and Renee were singing musical tunes. 
Those two are so funny with it comes to show tunes. LOL

We found this whole village of gnomes.
It was the coolest thing ever. 
Next year we are going to build a Corwin-Rey compound. 

These are the shots of me trying to get a picture of all of us. 
That's right, I'm that good! 

We got to this point and thought "What the hell! Where's the beach?"

We found the little sign to the beach. 
Yes there was alcohol involved.

We made it.... 
Yea the beach!

OMG what a mess we came back to. 
Where is housekeeping when we need them. LOL

Renee brought stuff for all of us to make necklaces. 
They turned out really cute. 

OK, don't ask me how this next part came about but it was a blast. 
We had been listening to music and we always say we need to 
come up with a song for our agency. 
I was really into the "Cups"  
(From Pitch Perfect's  (You're Gonna Miss Me) 
by Anna Kendrick

As most little girls do we thought it would be fun to perform it. 
Here are several practice runs.
It is fun to watch Melissa and how we have gotten her to
 come over the to dark side with us. LOL 

Take 1

Take 2

Take 3

Take 4

We were feeling really confident and (very) drunk, we had to take our act on the road. 
At the gazebo there was a lady there and we asked her to video us.
 She ended up following us all over and videoed all the ones below. 







OMG what an AWESOME, AMAZING and WONDERFUL weekend. 
Love all you girls. 
I can't wait to see what we come up with for next year.