October 6, 2013

Getting out of the 80's

A couple of months ago, I was driving with 2 girls from the office, Yesenia and Karina. 
I said "I'm going to get my hair colored tomorrow, what should I do to it?"
They both piped up with doing the 
"side bang and darker highlights", 
I was like "what the hell is a side bang" LOL. 

So I went into my hair dresser Michelle and told her what the girls said,
 she went "REALLY?"
I said yes do whatever you think. 
She was so exited. 
I put my hair in her hands. 

I came out of that chair and LOVED my new hairdo. 

I got home and all night Denny was saying 
"I love your hair". 

All the girls in the office, all at different times also told me how 
much they liked my hair. 
Renee told Michelle the next time she saw her 
"Thanks for getting rid of the 80's" 

NEVER in a million years would I ever buy a straight iron. 
I have always had FLAT hair and thought why would I pay 
money to make my hair flatter. LOL 

It did take me awhile to get used to not curling my hair and 
having it flat all the time.

I have had more people telling how much they like the new hairdo. 
I didn't think my hair looked that bad, but looking back on only the
 last 4 years I have had A LOT of different styles.
All of them with the curly high bangs. 

Below are several pictures of my different looks and at the
 bottom the new look. 

The new hairdo!!! 

Thank you Yesenia and Karina for talking me into this new
 look and thank you Michelle for doing an amazing job with my hair.