October 7, 2013

Fun Game day!!

October 5, 2013

 My nephew Jake started playing football this year. 
He is number 63
This is totally his game, he can run into and tackle  into people
 and not get into trouble. LOL

They are so tiny out there on the field. 
Here are some video's Denny took that I put together. 
Jake get hit a couple of times. 

Unfortunately  Jake's team didn't win but it was a fun game to watch.
Proud of you Jake.

Later in the afternoon the Davis's came to stay the night.
We were celebrating Wes's retirement from the service.
Thank you Wes for protecting us and our country for so many years, and
 Meghan for all the hard work you had to do for your family while he was deployed.
Thank you both... Love you tons.

The Lily and Chloe got to decorate Halloween cookies just like the
Olsen kids did Friday night.

Chloe didn't like getting anything on her, she kept wiping herself off. 
So cute. 

We took them to our favorite mexican resturant 
Taco El Rey 
They have the best chicken burritos and carne asada tacos. 
We got Wes and Meghan hooked on them too. 

Then we went back to our house to have a couple of drinks and play some games. 
Lily taught me a new game, I don't remember what the name of it was but it was fun to play. 

What a fun weekend full of games, family and fun.