October 19, 2013

Fun Mother-Daughter Day....

The day started out with stopping by the soccer field to see Bennett play. 
But he was really tired. They had just gotten back from
 vacation in Hawaii so he didn't play. 
He at first didn't even want to come down to the field. 
We still stayed awhile and watched the rest of his team. 

 His buddy got him to come over to us. 
They are so cute. 

 Then I was off to Sami's for a fun afternoon. 
We started out going to the castle to check out the hotels around there,
 but there was lots of road construction so we turned around and went to lunch.
Then we met Roxanne (one of Sami's brides maids) at David's bridal in Tacoma
for her to try on some bridal dresses.
All the girls get to pick out their own style of dress but it has to be long and royal blue.
All the dresses can be made in the blue that Sami wants.
So we are just looking at styles.

None of the dresses were the right size so Sami would have to
 use a dress clip to tighten up the back. 

I tried this one on. 
It was really close to the dress that Sami picked out for me. 
They had to tighten up the back with the clip. And the color 
I would have worn was light purple.

After Roxanne tried on lots of long dresses the girls decided that 
short dresses on all the girls would look better. 

So I'm changing my style to a long or one that is short in the front and long in the back. 
It will be a surprise. 

Yes, the short is going to look way better for an outdoor summer wedding. 

Here is Roxanne on her wedding day. 

After the dresses we were off to the bakery to taste wedding cakes. 
What beautiful cakes they make. 

This was my favorite cake LOL
Love the monkey's... 

Sami took a couple of designs of her own that she wanted to see if they could do. 
That to will be a surprise on what she picked. 
So fun!!!

After all that fun we were then off to Julie & Joel's for a "Sip & See" 
This was a party for everyone to meet Mabry Ruth, their 3rd child. 

I told Julie that I would bring rice crispy treats. 

Sami hadn't met her yet. 
They are so cute. 

Denny got some snuggle time with Mabry. 

I got some snuggle time with Annie.

After all the snuggle time with the Olsen kids, 
we met Chris and Tino at Fuyiyama Japanese Steak House for dinner. 
Way fun. 
What an awesome day. 
I love spending time with my kids.