September 1, 2010

Our First Century

Lewis County Historical Ride

Teri @ start

We couldn't have asked for a better day for our first 100 miler.
The weather was beautiful all day. The route was really hilly,
(I think Paul had something to do with it.)j/k
Renee @ start

Beautiful Ride

Finished in front of my house

It was so much fun. Hard work but fun. Got home and cracked a beer or two. And called Pam to check in with them.

Pam, Paul & Craig did their Century the same day.
They had to ride about the last 7 miles in the pouring rain.
Pam said she was freezing by the time they got done.

                       WE ALL SURVIVED...

Renee and I off to San Diego.... (A Farmers Convention )

Did tons of walking and there was no shortage on stairs.
Also ran a couple of days along the boardwalk
and then we went
 on a bike tour
                                                             San Diego.     


That was a wonderful trip.
                                                      Got a private concert from Foreigner
 And got to have dinner on the USS Midway
                                        We would go back to San Diego in a heartbeat...

Then we went straight from the airport to Hoods Canal to go camping.

The Rey's love to go on long hicks.
Renee sometimes has problems...  

 Her kids are like monkey's
      Was a really fun weekend.