September 18, 2010

Cooks Hill Challange 2010

We did it !!!!
 Completed the Cooks Hill Challange 10 mile run.

 Brooke & I

 Renee, Brooke & I
All in our matching shirts.

 And they're off....

There was only about 15 of us running this.
And of course started in last place and finished in last place.
Brooke and I didn't care as long as we finished.

This is right before the 2nd BIGGGG hill. We couldn't believe how many  GROSS dead slugs we saw.

Renee finishing way ahead of us.

Here comes Brooke and I bringing up the rear.

Brooke crossing the finish line.

 Me crossing the finish line.

We are still alive.
And Brooke and I beat our time from the first time we ran it by 3 mins.
Ya for us LOL