September 7, 2010

Ride the Gorge -- Hood River OR

Can you say 'HILLS AND WIND'

                                         What a great ride... It was our hardest so far..
       Renee and I didn't make it all the way.

Craig & Renee
                                  This was the last time we saw Craig until the finish line

One of the food stops

This girl was blowing bubbles.
It was the most beautiful ride we have taken so far.

Renee and I FREAKED out on this hill... we walked down it and thought we were going to have to take our shoes off so we didnt' slid down it LOL

Renee and I only made it 38 miles, after our hike the day before my calves were cramping and there was another steep hill UP and the DOWN... we said "that's it" We had already proved ourselves on the STP.
There was a shower and beer calling our names. Denny came and picked us up.
Again he saved the day.

I forgot how windy it is there.
                 Craig did the whole 100 miles. He said it about killed him...

Lovin the hair

Then we went and had pizza then back to camp and of course drank.
Rena and Jordan came and saw us.