September 6, 2010

My Goal is here...

This is the map sign that we followed all the
way from Seattle to Portland. I got so excited when
Denny and I were on a ride the week before and they had just put the fresh paint down.

(this is in front of my house)

This is the day…… My goal is here… July 17, 2010

Introducing the 2010 STP CREW-
Craig, Paul, Pam, Renee, Me & Jerry
(Jerry is Craig’s friend who did the ride with us. What a great guy. )

Day 1
The shirts I designed for all of us to wear.
And this is my number.

We got up at 4am in order to do the drive from Chehalis to Seattle.

Denny and Jeanne (my mother-in-law) took us up there in 2 trucks.

OK by this time my stomach is turning and I’m getting really nervous.
                             They would start us out in groups of a couple hundred riders.

OK we are off..

When we took off there was no turning back.
I surprised myself and did way better with all the riders then I thought I would.
I just stayed on the right side of the road and let ppl ride by me.
I didn’t care how fast I rode it, just that I would finish.
They had food stops about every 24 miles. The first one in Kent was by far the coolest. They had music and ppl all dressed up walking around with plates of food.
We did have to wait in line here but not for too long.

By this point Craig and Jerry were long gone, and we had lost Renee on a hill before this and guess what she was gone too. So poor Paul was stuck with Pam and I for the whole ride.

For months people had been telling us that the Puyallup Hill is the worst part of the whole ride.

It is a 7% grade. We made is all the way up it, I started cramping in my calves but I made it,
(no that wasn’t the worst part). At the top we stopped for a little bit to let my legs rest and Pam started me popping electrolyte pills for the cramping. It helped.

Denny met us at the Spanaway food stop. This is 53 miles into the ride.
                                                             Still feeling great.

Renee made it to him before us.

            And no she didn’t stay and wait.

As soon as we got to Yelm the route took us onto the Tenino trail. Felt like I was almost home.
NOT!!! still had other 36 mile to my house.

Starting to get tired by this time.
I did have to stop outside of Centralia and take a break and eat something.
I started to get a little shaky.
Feeling a little better we were ready to do the home stretch for the day.
As we got closer to my house I (of course) started to cry.
I kept having to calm myself down. But when I turned onto Cascade (my street) I couldn’t stop crying.
I saw my mom and Jeanne on the other side of the road and just lost it.

                     Craig and Jerry were already there waiting and drinking.
Renee also was done for the day and had gone home.
 She has STP'ers stay at her house every year.

The photos tell the next part better than I could write it.

We had so much support waiting for us at my house.
Denny had already planned meals and fed all of us.

I can’t thank him and all his helpers through out the weekend for just letting the 6 of us enjoy our riding and not do anything else but ride.
End of day 1